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THE TWO SHEDS REVIEW by Julian Radbourne
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This is probably the hardest column I have ever had to write, but it’s just something I knew I had to do.

Today, October 19th, is the 34th birthday of Julia Hamer, known to wrestling fans around the world as the Sweet Saraya. By now, most of you reading this column will know that Julia has been missing since August 27th, and although she has reported in to the police a couple of times, she still hasn’t been found.

As you can imagine, her husband, fellow professional wrestler “Rowdy” Ricky Knight, and his family are going through a pretty rough time at the moment. Last week, their daughter, Saraya-Jade, was hospitalized for severe stress and exhaustion. She’s out of hospital now, but is not up to full fitness. She’s lost quite a bit of weight in the past few weeks, which is healthy for a 13 year old girl.

This past Friday, Ricky himself was hospitalized, suffering from severe stress, severe exhaustion. He is also undergoing treatment for an alcohol-related problem. The love of his life, the woman he found true love with in 1989 has been away from him for nearly two months now.

As you can tell, Julia’s disappearance from her family home has caused a great deal of stress not just in the Knight family, but in the extended WAW family as well. Everyone who works for WAW, in any capacity, is feeling the strain, and it was obvious that this was the case this past Saturday at October Outrage VII at The Talk in Norwich. Without Ricky & Julia at the show, it was as if the body of WAW was there, but the heart and soul were clearly missing.

The support that Ricky, Zak, Saraya-Jade and the rest of the Knight family have received on the internet has been overwhelming. It’s at times like this you realise just how many people respect them, and I know for a fact that they appreciate everyone’s kind words.

Speaking on a personal level, Julia is my best friend, she’s like a sister to me. We’re close, and we used to speak to each other about everything. If either of us had a problem, or we needed some advice, we always knew where to turn to, we always knew that we would be there for each other.

Which is why this situation is so upsetting for me. Three years ago, when I was at my lowest, suffering from severe depression, Julia was there for me. We went through some tough times together, but she supported my family, and pulled me through, getting me to the point where I am today.

The hardest part of all of this is not knowing what’s going on, not knowing where everyone stands in this situation. At times, it feels like Julia’s died, although I know she hasn’t. It’s a form of grief, but this form doesn’t seem to have any ending.

Ricky is convinced that someone, somewhere, knows where Julia is, and I agree with Ricky’s train of thought here. So today, on Julia’s birthday, for the sake of Ricky, Zak, Saraya-Jade, and all of her family and friends, that if anyone knows anything, to contact Earlham Police Station in Norwich on 0845 4564567.

Today, Julia’s 34th birthday, would be the perfect way to draw a conclusion on this entire situation.

And Julia, if you’re reading this, and I really hope that you do, stay safe, look after yourself, and come home when you’re ready. Your family loves you, and just wants you to come home. You’re my best friend, my big sister, and I would do anything for you. Just come home safely where you belong.

Love ya lots shitbag. x

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