PWU New Video; War Games on 1/20 in Philly Jan 05 - 12:30 am EST

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PWU New Video; War Games on 1/20 in Philly

PWU vs. JCW from Dec 16th is now available to purchase at the ProShop at This Mega-Event features the Insane Clown Posse, 2 Tuff Tony, and Dyson Bryce vs. JCW Heavyweight and PWU Hardcore champion Corporal Robinson and The BackSeat Boyz in a match that was as chaotic as it was unpredictable.

As Pro Wrestling Unplugged charges into “Cuffed and Caged” Saturday, January 20 at the New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PWU has announced two more huge matches.

PWU Tag champions The SAT will face off against Joker and Ricky Reyes, the two men who tore apart All Money Is Legal and their prestigious Pitbull/Public Enemy Memorial Cup trophy at PWU vs. JCW.

Mercedes Martinez will try to defend her honor and the PWU Women’s Title against Amy Lee, who attempted to break the women’s champion after her match last month.

You can order tickets now online at the ProShop on

Already announced:
* PWU World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore is challenged by “The Undisputed King of Hardcore” Ian Rotten in a pure wrestling match

* War Games Steel Cage match between the forces of PWU and Juggalo Championsh!t Wrestling. Each promotion will announce another participant for their team by this Monday. Check out the complete rundown for the unique rules of this War Games “Cuffed and Caged” spectacular.

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