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W-1 Dojo Sessions
PWU Hosts SAT Seminar; XFC Accepting Students
PWA Accepting Students in Hull, UK
Top Gun Accepting Students
Xtreme Action Zone Opens
1/5, NAW, Phoenixville, PA
1/6, EWF, Marion, IN
AWESOME, Seaside Heights, NJ
HPW, Columbus, IN
W1, Pottstown, PA
1/7, ICW, Bowling Green, KY
TU 1/9: HWA, Evendale, OH
ACW, New Port Richey, FL
WE 1/10: OVW, Louisville, KY
IWE, Tampa, FL
TH 1/11: PWA, Cambridge, ON
NWH, Old Town, ME
FR 1/12: RQW, East London, Eng
PCW, Arlington, TX
EWF, Marion, IN
FSPW, Palmetto, FL
ACPW, Clinton, NC
XCW, Denton, TX
SWF, Tullahoma, TN
SA 1/13: PCW, Arlington, TX
AWA BCW, Waukesha, WI
CZW, Philadelphia, PA
NWA MS, Hinton, WV
MF, Bellmawr, NJ
APW, Spartanburg, SC
AWA SCW, Madison, IN
TMW, Knoxville, TN
SU 1/14: IWW, Dublin, Ireland
MAW, Milwaukee, WI
CAPW, Cleveland, OH

W-1 Dojo Sessions

Sign up for Pro Wrestling World-1’s next Dojo Wednesday, 1/10 at 6:30 pm in Blandon, PA by sending a $20 deposit via pay pal to Info at or call 484-938-7045.

PWU Hosts SAT Seminar; XFC Accepting Students

PWU hosts a seminar with The SAT on Saturday, 1/20 at 3 pm at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA for $25.

You can sign up for the SAT seminar or schedule a try out for The XFC Wrestling Academy located at the former ECW Arena by contacting agtjohnson at.

PWA Accepting Students in Hull, UK

Sign up with ColtStevens at. Class times are Sats 12-3 at Lonsdale Centre, Anlaby RD, Hull, UK & Suns 12-3 at Edinburgh ST Leisure Centre, Hull, UK.

Top Gun Accepting Students

Contact 610-933-8550 or rockinrebel at to sign up for a try out or other info for the Top Gun Academy in Phoenixville, PA.

Xtreme Action Zone Opens

XAZ is Easy to access & will quickly increase even the most diehard wrestling fan’s knowledge of the sport as you quickly become involved with conversations & debates with other wrestling fans from around the world. Some of the key areas of interest are a news & column section that features the freshest news & views from the world of wrestling, a entertainment section that includes DVD reviews & thoughts on the latest gaming systems as well as Sports area for fans of pro sports.

By joining today you reap the benefits of making friends, great debates & much more for free

New Age Wrestling results
FR, 1/5 - Phoenixville, PA

*Steve the Teacher def. Davey Testament & Little Nicky
*NAW Cruiserweight Title: Crazii Shea def. Neils Young & CJ O’Doyle
*Amadeus w/ Jaden def. Ravage
*Cindy Rogers def. Alere Little Feather
*Hard Candy (Zac Conner/Bazooka Joe) def. Z-Barr/Roxy Cotton
*Deakon Frost def. Johnny Logan
*Nick Berk/Jesse Starr def. Billy Reil
*Philly Fury def. Gemini Trojans
*NAW PA Title: Glen Osborne def. Rockin’ Rebel & Kage
*NAW Heavyweight champion Patriot def. “Latin Attraction” Angel Gonzalez

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
SA, 1/6 - Marion, IN

*Hank Calhoun def. Cooter Jones
*Jake Omen def. Josh Calisto
*Prime Time Players (Sean Brody/Zane Richards) def. El Bano/Ryan Sax
*Johnny Tsunami def. Dark Lion
*Bob & Andy Santos def. Fallen Dragon/Damian by DQ
*EWF Midwestern champion Big Richard Cannon def. Nate Phoenix
*Just Justin def. Pat Tanaka

AWESOME results
SA, 1/6 - Seaside Heights, NJ

*A Jersey Shore champion Crazii Shea retained over Draven Blaze & Rhett Titus
*Stomp Kings w/ Liz Savage def. Rockin’ Rebel/Patch
*Fierce Fuego def. “Modern Day Enforcer” Eric Cooper
*Amy Lee/Angel Gonzalez/Puerto Rican Bad Boy w/ Doc Diamond def. Cha Cha/Kekoa “The Flying Hawaiian”/Eric Hiller
*Biggie Biggs vs. Lord Jason Karloff went to a no contest
*Freak vs. Scotty “Outpatient” Ice went to a double pin
*A MySpace Title: “Radical” Robby Morrison def. S1, Great Cerenzio w/ Cammo, & Steve Camacho
*Joey Rizzo pinned Billy “Highlight” Reil
*Johnny Cockstrong/Steve Off def. Latin Revolution (Tony Torres/Antonio Rivera) w/ Eloy Fiesta
*Patriot def. “Simply Stellar” Travis Blake
*Battle Royal: Samoan Franciz

Hoosier Pro Wrestling results
SA, 1/6 - Columbus, IN

*Average White Guy pinned Dave Mane
*Mr. Smiley def. Dr. Love
*Bobby Black/Donny Idol beat TVZ by DQ
*Big Jon Wall pinned Cooter Clampett
*Pastor Pain pinned The Average White Guy
*Tank Toland pinned Mitch Huff
*Ox Harley/Jerry Wilson def. “Diceman” Ronnie Vegas/Sign Guy

World 1 results
SU, 1/7 - Pottstown, PA

First Annual Queen’s Cup:
*Allison Danger pinned Amber O’Neal
*Cindy Rogers tapped out Alere Little Feather
*Sara Del Rey vs. Nikki Roxx went to a draw
*Cheerleader Melissa pinned Melissa Stripes after a Cop Killer
*Allison Danger tapped out Cindy Rogers
*Cheerleader Melissa pinned Allison Danger after a Kryptonight Crunch.

*Thomas Simpson Tryout Match: Troy Mest def. Edward “The Artist” House with a Double Chicken Wing

King’s Cup:
*Justin Riggi def. Dan McGuire
*Josh Daniels def. Mr. Mark Mest by DQ
*Greg Spitz def. Nicky Benz
*Alex Law w/Marcus Dowling vs. Kafu was a double countout
*Josh Daniels def. Justin Riggi
*Josh Daniels def. Greg Spitz

*AWA World Light Heavyweight Title: Kirby Mack def. TJ Mack, Shane Hagadorn, Pelle Primeau, Rhett Titus, & Alex Payne
*PWF Tag Titles: Mike Kehner/The Patriot def. Larry Sweeney/King Kaluha
*WORLD-1 Title, V6 defense: Ricky Landell pinned Sterling James Keenan with a Fisherman Buster
*AWA World Title: Steve Corino pinned Ric Converse with a Kido Clutch

Independent Championship Wrestling results
SU, 1/7 - Bowling Green, KY

*”Sugar” Shane Smalls pinned Max Meanie w/ Big E
*Dave Brown vs. David Rose went to a no contest
*ICW Ladies champion Becky Caine retained against Destiny w/ Big E by DQ
*David Rose/Kid Honky Tonk def. Dave Brown/Bull
*ICW Tag champions Reckless Abandon retained against Generation Xtreme (Val Joiner/Bubba)
*ICW Jr. Heavyweight Title: ”Elite” Randall Shane def. “Impressive” Anthony Wayne w/ Lekisha
*ICW Heavyweight champion Boy w/ Big E. def. Kid Dynamite

***** ***** *****
Heartland Wrestling Association
TU, 1/9 - 7 pm
10800 Reading RD, Suite A, Evendale, OH

American Combat Wrestling
TU, 1/9 - 8:45 pm
Bourbon ST Night Club, 4331 US 19, New Port Richey, FL

*ACW Heavyweight champion “Marguee” Bruce Santee vs. “Ragin’ Bull” Eddie Taurus vs. “The GOAT” David Mercury
*ACW Tag champions Dogmatica (Sideshow/Dany Only) vs. Power Company Twins
*ACW Cruiserweight champion Nooie Lee vs. Nick Fame
*”Canadian Dream” Josh Masters w/ Fetish vs. Cousin Dale
*Austin Amadeus vs. Jaison Moore

***** ***** *****
Ohio Valley Wrestling
WE, 1/10 - 8 pm
Davis Arena, 4400 Shepherdsville RD, Louisville, KY

Innovative Wrestling Experience
WE, 1/10 - 8 pm
American Legion Post 5, 3810 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL

***** ***** *****
Pure Wrestling Association
TH, 1/11 - 6:30 pm
French Canadian Community Centre, Cambridge, ON

New Wrestling Horizons
TH, 1/11 - 7 pm
VFW Hall, Old Town, ME

***** ***** *****
Real Quality Wrestling
FR, 1/12 - 7 pm
York Hall, Old Ford RD, Bethnal Green, East London

*Non Title: The Great Muta vs. RQW champion Martin Stone
*Davey Richards vs. PAC

RQW Tag Team Title Tournament 1st round:
*“The Phoenix” Jody Fleisch/Jonny Storm vs. Andy Simmonz/Aviv Maayan
*Team S.H.A.G - I.T (International - Darren Burridge/Kikutaro) vs. Mad Man Manson/JP Monroe
*RQW Women’s champion “The Jezebel” Eden Black vs. Mschif
*RQW Cruiserweight Title finals: “The Heretic” Red Vinny vs. Bubblegum
*RQW Cruiserweight Title number 1 Contenders: Akira Raijin vs. Ashley Reed vs. El Ligero vs. Paul Robinson

Professional Championship Wrestling
FR, 1/12
2922 Galleria DR, Arlington, TX

Extreme Wrestling Federation
FR, 1/12
EWF Arena, 3400 S. Adams, Marion, IN

*D’Lo Brown/Dark Lion vs. Seth Clash/Justin Tyme

Future Stars of Professional Wrestling
FR, 1/12
Olympia Theater, 512 10th Ave W, Palmetto, FL

Atlantic Coast Pro Wrestling
FR, 1/12 - 7:45 pm
Clinton Pawn Shop, 324 Lisbon ST, Clinton, NC

Xtreme Championship Wrestling
FR, 1/12
1131 Ft. Worth, Denton, TX
940-891-3283 xcw at

Southern Wrestling Federation
FR, 1/12 - 8 pm
106 Southside DR, Tullahoma, TN

Tickets: $7 Adults, $6 5 & Under

****** ***** *****
Professional Championship Wrestling
SA, 1/13
2922 Galleria DR, Arlington, TX

AWA Brew City Wrestling
SA, 1/13 - 8 pm
Center Court Sports Complex, 815 Northview RD, Waukesha, WI rasslr44 at

*Abdullah The Butcher vs. Dinn T. More
*AWA World Heavyweight champion “Slick” Ric Converse vs. Dysfunction
*AWA BCW No Limits Title, TLC Match: champion “Irish” Mickey McCoy vs. “Metalhead” Steve Stone
*AWA BCW Tag Titles, Waukesha Street Fight: champions The Aristocrats (Derek St. Holmes/Quinson Valentino) vs. Soul Shooter (“Poison” Apollo Starr/Drew “The Don” Johnson)
*Xavier Mustafa vs. Hurricane Maples

Combat Zone Wrestling
SA, 1/13
New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA

NWA Mountain State
SA, 1/13 - 7:30 pm
Memorial Bldg, Hinton, WV

Feat. Stro

Monster Factory
SA, 1/13 - 2 pm
130A Harding Ave, Bellmawr, NJ

American Pro Wrestling
SA, 1/13
380 Whitney RD, Spartanburg, SC

AWA-Supreme Championship Wrestling
SA, 1/13 - 7:30 pm
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN

Tickets: $5

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling
SA, 1/13
National Guard Armory, Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN

***** ***** *****
Irish Whip Wrestling
SU, 1/14
Combined Community Centre, Balbriggan, Dublin, Ireland

*”Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac vs. “Better Than You” Ashton Brown
*El Ligero vs. “Heretic” Red Vinny
*Kid Kash vs. Bam Katrazz
*”Tremendous” Emil Sitoci vs. Tyler Browne
*Bubblegum vs. Irish Dragon
*Bingo Balance vs. Wildcard

Mid-American Wrestling
SU, 1/14 - 8 pm
The Sports Connection, 3000 S 13th ST, Milwaukee, WI

Cleveland All Pro Wrestling
SU, 1/14 - 3 pm
Turner’s Hall, 7325 Guthrie Ave, Cleveland, OH

*CAPW Tag Titles: Faith in Nothing vs. Michael Hellborn/Barry Saggitarious
*CAPW Heavyweight champion Tracy Smothers vs. Bane
*CAPW Jr. Heavyweight champion Johnny Gargano vs. Azrieal
*2/3 Falls: Irish Airborn vs. Q&A
*”One Legged Wonder” Zach Gowen vs. Josh Prohibition

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