PWU Adds Two More to Steel Cage War Games w/ ICP Jan 09 - 08:57 pm EST

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PWU Adds Two More to Steel Cage War Games w/ ICP

Philadelphia will explode Saturday, January 20 when Pro Wrestling Unplugged hosts “Cuffed and Caged” at the New Alhambra Arena in 7 Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA.

There is one match that will leave bodies broken when PWU returns with a War Games Steel Cage Match. Two five man teams will square off, starting with one man from each side. As time continues one combatants at a time will enter the match. As participants are eliminated, they are handcuffed to the cage. The winning team will get to do to the opposing team what they will.

Joining the previously announced participants will be, from Pro Wrestling Unplugged, former PWU World Heavyweight champion and one half of The Backseat Boyz, TRENT ACID. Also added, representing Juggalo Championsh!t Wrestling and an international star himself, NOSAWA.

ACID will be joining teammates JCW Heavyweight and PWU Hardcore champion CORPORAL ROBINSON, “Original Pitbull” GARY WOLF, and fellow Backseat Boy, JOHNNY KASHMERE. NOSAWA joins the Juggalo Championsh!t Wrestling contingent of RAVEN, VIOLENT J of The Insane Clown Posse, and MAD MAN PONDO.

Each side has one more participant yet to be added and PWU Owner TOD GORDON has stated he has one more special surprise in store for the fans in his hometown.

*In a Pure Wrestling Match, PWU World Heavyweight champion DEVON MOORE defends his title against “The Undisputed King of Hardcore” IAN ROTTEN. If either man uses a weapon, his opponent will walk away with the PWU championship.

*PWU Tag champions The SAT (JOSE & JOEL MAXIMO) will be challenged by the men who tore apart not only All Money Is Legal, but their six foot tall Pitbull/Public Enemy Memorial Cup Trophy, RICKY REYES & HOMICIDE’s handpicked assassin, JOKER.

*After being blindsided last month, PWU Women’s champion MERCEDES MARTINEZ will try to seek revenge against the woman who attacked her, AMY LEE.

*Also, all your PWU favorites will be on hand including ALL MONEY IS LEGAL, TEDDY FINE, ARAMIS, & the surprise debuts of other nationally known talent.

Check out on Monday, January 15 at 9 pm as they talk with PWU Owner Tod Gordon.

Also visit Wednesday at 8 pm & New Surge Radio at Thursday at 8:30 pm as PWU representative and Owner Nate Stein talks about the latest in Pro Wrestling Unplugged.

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