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Pro Wrestling Unplugged "Cuffed & Caged" Results []

Pro Wrestling Unplugged & Juggalo Championsh!t Wrestling
"Cuffed & Caged: Last Man Standing" Results
Saturday January 20, 2007 7:30 PM
New Alhambra Arena
7 Ritner Street, Philadelphia, PA

-The doors opened up at approximately 7:00 PM and the crowd of over 700 people filed into the New Alhambra Arena for what became a great night of wrestling action. The show kicked off on a solemn note with a ten bell salute in his memory.

- Joker & Ricky Reyes def. SATs and AMIL to win the PWU Tag Team Championship
After a brawling match that went around the New Alhambra Arena. It was Ricky Reyes & Joker with a pin on All Money Is Legal who walked away your winners & NEW PWU Tag Team Champions. But the battle raged on between all three teams all the way to the back.

- Former PWU General Manager, John House, came out next looking for a new body guard that was not an "idiot". Gemini, Kwame, and Damien Slugga made their way to the ring with House asking each of them why they should be selected to protect him. But Gemini and Damien Slugga came to blows and battled to the back, while "The Silent But Deadly," Kwame, recieved the job after remaining at House's side to ensure his protection.

- Drew Blood def. CJ O'Doyle
In the battle that has continued on between two of PWU's newest tag teams, The O'Doyle Brothers and the team of Drew Blood and "Primetime" Teddy Fine, each member entered into singles competition, starting with Drew Blood vs. CJ O'Doyle. After a back and forth exchange, Drew Blood takes the victory over CJ O'Doyle. After the match, the two share a handshake in respect.

- Amy Lee w/ Dr. Don Bootz def. Mercedes Martinez to win PWU Women's Championship
Amy Lee targeted the shoulder Mercedes Martinez's injured a month ago at Pro Wrestling Unplugged and after using a steel chair behind the referee's back on Martinez's bad shoulder, locked on a double arm submission caused Mercedes to tap out. Dr. Don Bootz began to celebrate with his woman and the new PWU Women's champion, Amy Lee. Both of them began an assault on Martinez until Mickie Knuckles ran in to make the save on Amy Lee.

- Aramis def. Quiet Storm
Aramis, the XFC Wrestling Academy who's been turning heads went toe to toe with the technical wizard, Quiet Storm. Aramis pulled out another surprise victory, continuing his tremendous winning streak.

- Luke Hawx/Z-Barr def. the Angus Bros.
Z-Barr makes his return to PWU after a 4 month absence while his partner, from MTV's Wrestling Society X, Luke Hawx, made his PWU debut. Barr/Luke win the match with a Brainbuster/Top rope legdrop on Danny Angus to win the match.

- Teddy Fine def. KJ O'Doyle
The rivalry continued between The O'Doyles and Teddy Fine & Drew Blood as Teddy Fine & KJ O'Doyle battled it out in the ring. Teddy Fine's reaction from the crowd was as priceless as his new accessory, a velvet covered cane complete with water bottle. KJ's tremendous energy allowed him to maintain the intensity on Fine, but Fine's ring savvy...and a conveniently placed feet on the rope, allowed him the pin over KJ.

- Devon Moore retains PWU World Heavyweight Title against Ian Rotten by DQ
After Annie Social decreed that this match would be a pure wrestling contest and should either man use a weapon they would be disqualified and the other person would be awarded the title, this match kicked off. This match was more evenly contested as compared to their battle at "PWU vs. JCW: The Showdown." Moore was obviously better prepared for Rotten's technical abilities this month. But Moore's perserverance frustrated Rotten to the point where Ian tried to slide in a chair shot. The ref caught him, but Rotten had another chair ready. The ref was quick enough to see Rotten slam Moore in the head. After the ref called the match, Rotten continued to assault Moore with the chair, until Annie Social had to threaten Rotten with his job before he would stop. By Moore could only see red and it wasn't just the blood in his face. Whether it had all been a set up by Ian Rotten from the beginning or Devon Moore's rage getting the best of him, Moore issued a challenge to Ian Rotten...a hardcore match for the PWU World Heavyweight Title at PWU's next event on Saturday February 17 at 2:30 pm.

- Cuffed & Caged Match: PWU & JCW def. Raven after he turns on both JCW and PWU
Finally the most anticipated match of the show was last. After an intermission break where Juggalos and PWU Fans were at war with each other and the PWU Announce Team, this match kicked off with Trent Acid (PWU) and Nosawa (JCW) while Shaggy 2 Dope (JCW) and Tod Gordon (PWU) were cuffed together on the outside. JCW won the draw and they would enter first after every two minute time period. 2 Tuff Tony (JCW) was next, followed by Corporal Robinson (PWU). Violent J (JCW) was third and completely destroyed Robinson and Acid upon entry. But next came out Acid's tag team partner, Johnny Kashmere (PWU), and instantly the BackSeat Boyz hit the "Dream Sequenc" to eliminate Nosawa. Kashmere then exited the cage to get an extension cord, which looks like it came right off the PWU Logo. This allowed 2 Tuff Tony to get the pin on Acid. Kashmere then used the cord to lynch Violent J from the top of the cage. But after a minute, J turned the tables and dragged Kashmere into the ring with the cord and then slammed him down to the mat from the top of the cage. Quickly Violent J pinned Kashmere and left Robinson all alone in the cage. As Kashmere was eliminated, Raven's music, 'Come out and Play' by Offspring blared from the speakers. But he never came out. Two minutes later, "The Complete" Pete Hunter (PWU) came to Robinson's aid. Mad Man Pondo (JCW) entered out of turn right behind Hunter. "The Pitbull" Gary Wolf (PWU) enter out of turn as well to even the sides at three. Raven, was still no where to be found. After a series of stop sign shots, it was down to Corporal Robinson for PWU and 2 Tuff Tony & Violent J for JCW. That is when Raven's music hit once again and out he came to the ring. All the PWU fans seemed worried that all hope was lost for PWU, until Raven nailed his patented Raven Effect / Evenflow DDT onto JCW. But the excitement lead to confusion when Raven turned and landed a third DDT on Robinson. He proclaimed that he was not a Juggalo, but the biggest star in the building. As he was leaving, Shaggy 2 Dope and Tod Gordon joined forces, attacking Raven from behind and dragged Raven back into the ring. They unlocked all the handcuffs and both JCW and PWU joined forces to take out Raven. The self-ingratiating Raven was left crawling up the rampway as the representatives from both companies stood together as one family.

PWU returns to the New Alhambra Arena on Saturday February 17, 2007 for a special afternoon show beginning at 2:30. The show will then be followed by a XFC Sponsored Seminar with Ian Rotten and Mickie Knuckles.

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