PWU Returns Feb 17 With HUGE Matches; Rotten/Knuckles Clinic Jan 29 - 10:00 pm EST

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PWU Returns Feb 17 With HUGE Matches; Rotten/Knuckles Clinic [] []

Pro Wrestling Unplugged makes their return to the New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner ST in Philadelphia on Saturday, February 17 at 3 pm, followed by a wrestling clinic with IAN ROTTEN and MICKIE KNUCKLES.

Just announced, two friends who battled one another to the back of the arena in a failed attempt to find employment as JOHN HOUSE’s bodyguard, DAMIEN SLUGGA will take on GEMINI. Will HOUSE or his new bodyguard, GEMINI’s regular partner KWAMI, have any impact on this match up?

One man, “The Complete” PETE HUNTER, has been turning heads at Pro Wrestling Unplugged and stood tall with the rest of the combatants in the Steel Cage War Games match last month. But this time, he faces the power packed size of SINISTER X. Even with his protege “The ORIGINAL Pitbull” GARY WOLF in HUNTER’s corner, how will the XFC graduate overcome the challenge of SINISTER X?

After a sneak attack and later a chair shot on the injured shoulder of MERCEDES MARTINEZ, “PrimeTime” AMY LEE has been able to capture the PWU WOMEN’S TITLE. But winning was not enough for AMY LEE & tried to permanently take out MARTINEZ. Had it not been for MICKIE KNUCKLES, she may have succeeded. Seething that she didn’t get her way, champion AMY LEE has found a tag partner in ANGEL ORCINI to challenge the team of MERCEDES MARTINEZ and MICKIE KNUCKLES.

Already announced, the PWU WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE will be defended by DEVON MOORE as he takes on IAN ROTTEN in a HARDCORE MATCH.

After losing their last attempt at the PWU TAG TITLES, ALL MONEY IS LEGAL has something to say to PWU management in the latest SURGE TV at [].

After PWU’s return on Saturday, February 17, the XFC Wrestling Academy will sponsor a wrestling seminar from the owner and trainer of IWA Mid-South, IAN ROTTEN and former IWA Mid-South champion MICKIE KNUCKLES. Cost is only $20. To register for your opportunity, e-mail agtjohnson at.

Experience the New Edge online at [] and find the latest event & ticket information, exclusive news, live event & ticket information, & new merchandise, including PWU’s most recent event “Cuffed and Caged” on DVD.

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