From the Desk of Tod Gordon: ICP, Raven, Homicide, Briscoes Feb 05 - 10:14 pm EST

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From the Desk of Tod Gordon: ICP, Raven, Homicide, and Briscoes

Coming off the heels of our most successful show in PWU's history, where over 750 people witnessed the War Games match between The Insane Clown Posse and the stalwarts of PWU, we have upped the ante for an incredible late day matinee for February 17th at 3:00 in the afternoon. After being informed of another show later that evening that was catering to what is known as "smart marks", we have added additional main events so that people traveling from out of town will be able to take in both shows so they can capture for themselves what is becoming one of the most talked about groups on the independent scene today, Pro Wrestling Unplugged.

Brother vs. Brother vs. Brother vs. Brother

In what will certainly be a first, two sets of brothers will be forced to wrestle not only their opponents, but their very own siblings as well. The SAT'S and The BRISCOE BROTHERS will be fighting for a World Heavyweight Title Match at our March event against whomever emerges as our Singles World Champion at this show. Only one wrestler can win this match. It will be a 4 CORNER'S MATCH. This means every man for himself. Both The Briscoes and the SAT's are known for their incredible run of tag team victories over the last year, but now it's about INDIVIDUALITY! Only one of these combatants will get a chance at the prestigious World Single's Title, and both sets of brothers are keenly aware that they will have to face their own sibling at some point during this unprecedented match. Will a MAXIMO have to pin his own brother to advance his career? Will a BRISCOE have to resort to foul play against his own brother to earn this spot? The truth will come out February 17th as we learn whether loyalty or living out a dream is more important to these 4 special wrestlers.

RAVEN'S REVENGE?? The aftershocks are still being felt after Raven turned his back last month on both Juggalo Championsh*t Wrestlers and PWU wrestler's alike. The one common denominator is none other than CORPORAL ROBINSON, who holds both the Juggalo Heavyweight title and the PWU Hardcore title. Robinson, knowing Raven's history in terms of always having backup in some sort of bizarre flock, will keep things on the square as he will have as his seconds, none other than VIOLENT J and SHAGGY 2 DOPE, THE INSANE CLOWN POSSE to watch his back as he defends his hardcore title against the returning RAVEN. Raven has vowed revenge on both members of ICP, and most specifically, Corporal Robinson. Two hardcore experts going at it for the Hardcore Title. This could get ugly.

Speaking of ugly, just added to this star studded event will be JCW's own 2 Tuff Tony as he battles the one and only HOMICIDE ! These are two of the most intense, insane, amazing wrestlers in the business today, and this one looks as though it could be a stand alone main event, but at PWU, fans always get more than their money's worth. That's 3 main events added to the Heavyweight Championship Match, to be fought under HARDCOE RULES by Champion Devon Moore and challenger Ian Rotten.

We give the fans a little bit of everything, and this day will be no different. In addition to the hardcore matches, and what promises to be one of the mat classics that will have wrestling fans talking for months to come when the SATs and Briscoes hook it up, AMIL, All Money Is Legal, will be challenged by none other than THE BACKSEAT BOYZ, TRENT ACID AND JOHNNY KASHMERE! The winner of this encounter will square off in March with our tag team champions, the hard hitting, super intense team of JOKER AND REYES.

That's what's on my desk this month fans. Giving each of you 5, count 'em, 5 main events. As at any PWU show, there are bound to be surprises as well. Who's next to jump on board the PWU roster? Last month it was MTV's Luke Hawx, who will also return this month. Who else might show up? Even I don't have an answer to that one, but I promise you that this show will be possibly our greatest one yet. If you were part of that amazing crowd in January, whether you be a Juggalo or just plain fan of great wrestling, I cordially invite you to EXPERIENCE THE NEW EDGE THAT IS PWU!

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