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Thank you to the fans of Philadelphia for making [url=][/url]'s second event tremendously successful with a near capacity crowd Saturday night.

A seminar with almost two dozen attendees sponsored by the XFC Wrestling Academy featuring guest trainers and tag team extraordinaires The SAT, replacing Trent Acid while on tour with Juggalo Championsh!t Wrestling, started off the day long event.

[url=][/url] then opened the doors to the New Alhambra Arena to offer an Open House for the XFC Wrestling Academy. It was an excellent time for people to catch a preview of what the XFC Wrestling Academy has to offer. The XFC also offered the opportunity for a live try out for those interested in becoming students at XFC.

Fan interest was high for the meet and greet that featured the stars of Pro Wrestling Unplugged, as well as The Honky Tonk Man and Larry Zbysko. Zbysko shared stories with those in attendance about “being in the world’s most famous bingo hall.”

PWP marked the passing of Mike Awesome with a ten bell salute.

A night of action got underway in front of our packed house after the introduction of “the champions of internet wrestling” Nate Stein, John House, and Dan “The Phan” Cowhey, each displaying a title belt.

Not only was [url=][/url] recommissioning the vacant Tri-State Tag Titles, which can be defended in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. There would also be a match to determine the new champions later in the night. John House also announced there would be two qualifying matches to vie for [url=][/url]’s Super Heavyweight Title.

Damien Slugga announced the Slugga Grand Slam Challenge, where if anyone can slam him, he will pay out $1000. Slugga entered into the first qualifying match for the PWP Super Heavyweight Title against Danny Demanto. In a power packed match, Slugga will go on to PWP’s next event to challenge for the Super Heavyweight Title.

KJ “Hellfire” O’Doyle pulls out a victory over Aramis after using underhanded tactics while there was an unconscious ref.

Missie Sampson defeated Annie Social with help from guest referee PWU Women’s champion Amy Lee. Jimmy Clydesdale, who escorted Social to the ring challenged Missie Sampson & Amy Lee against Annie Social & himself at the next PWP event.

Kid America and XFC Wrestling Academy students “US Male” Phil Bouche & “All American” Chris Ansert defeated Z-Barr & his favorite XFC students Eek the Nerd & “All Business” Tommy Biz, along with manager Jake Black. With overwhelming chants of U-S-A, Kid America made the pin on Biz. But Barr sent his boys to beat down Kid America’s team. XFC trainer “The Real Pitbull” Gary Wolf made his way to the ring to make the save.

Wolf took exception to Z-Barr tainting his XFC students and challenged him to an impromptu Lumberjack match. Taking care of his turncoat students with the help of Kid America’s team, it was “The Real Pitbull” Gary Wolf who put away Z-Barr.

Joker, with an impressive display of athleticism & technique, rolled up Nosawa for a pin in a three way match that also included Joel Maximo. Nosawa was a last second surprise after being informed he would leave early for the Juggalo Championsh!t Wrestling tour starting Sunday in Cincinnati.

Helter Skelter defeated The Honky Tonk Man by DQ after the ref stopped a poorly timed guitar shot from Honky Tonk, while Larry Zbysko joined John House on commentary. Skelter, accompanied to the ring by Annie Social, attempted to use the guitar first, but got caught by the ref as he was rearing for a swing. But, with the help of Larry Zbysko, got payback on the referee and Helter Skelter.

Jose Maximo, the number one contender to the PWU World Heavyweight Title, defeated Lucky in a match that left everyone talking. Jose scored an amazing victory to show why he will challenge for the PWU Title at the New Alhambra Arena on March 17.

In amazing fashion, The Angus Brothers, Billy & Danny defeated the odd pairing of “Bosom Buddies” Teddy Fine & Drew Blood to gain the Tri-State Tag Titles.

Sinister X had the power to put away “The Complete” Pete Hunter in the second qualifying match for the PWP Super Heavyweight Title as X’s intensity put Hunter away with a double handed chokebomb. This pits Sinister X against Damien Slugga at the next PWP event for the Super Heavyweight Title.

Devon Moore retained the PWU World Heavyweight Title in a Philly Street Fight against Johnny Kashmere. Despite an attempt by Kashmere to bribe the crowd out of seeing him wrestling after stating he re-aggravated a recent groin injury, and a couple cheap shots, Moore was able to take control & even used a kitchen sink against the skull of Kashmere.

After hitting a frog splash onto Kashmere, Moore was blindsided from Kashmere’s XFC academy students who he apparently pre-set to do some dirty work should things go south. Moore stayed strong and regained control long enough to hit a running shooting star for the 1-2-3 and retain his title against Johnny Kashmere.

For more information on PWP’s next event, check out [url=][/url], where “Wrestling News Is Delivered Daily”.

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