LIVE! Recap on TU, 3/27; LIVE Chat Mar 28 - 02:04 am EDT

Recap by natestein LIVE! Recap on TU, 3/27; LIVE Chat []’s LIVE! featured the first post-operation interview with Mercedes Martinez, a special preview of’s next live event on 4/28, discussion of PWU on 4/21, a new day/time for LIVE!, and much more.

* During LIVE! our new interactive chat was packed, featuring surprise guests, including Corporal Robinson, Johnny Kashmere, and more. Chat fans were able to ask our LIVE! guest Mercedes Martinez questions. The chat runs 24/7 and during any televised/PPV wrestling you can join in on the action and be sure of surprises.

* Mercedes Martinez, the talented “Latina Sensation”, shared her experiences in the ring - from training with Jason Knight, wrestling in Alaska without a ring (available in the PWP store), to her recent shoulder surgery.

* LIVE! will move to THURSDAYS at 10 pm next week on April 5. Special guest announced for next Thursday will be CORPORAL ROBINSON.

*’s “The House and Stein’s Fan Jam” takes place Saturday, 4/28 in the New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA at 6 pm. Starting WEDNESDAY NIGHT on, fans can vote for some special match stipulations, as well as being able to "book your own match" between any two members of the Pro Wrestling Unplugged roster.

- Super Heavyweight Title Tournament Final: Sinister X vs. Dameon Slugga
- Rematch for Tri State Tag champions The Angus Brothers vs. The Bosom Buddies (Teddy Fine/Drew Blood)
- Johnny Kashmere's Open Challenge
- Six Man Tag Rematch: Kid America, "US Male" Phil Bousche, "All American" Chris Ansert vs. Z-Barr, Eek the Nerd, Tommy Biz w/ Jake Black
- The SAT vs. PWU World champion Devon Moore/ FANS PICK THE PARTNER
- Marty Jannetty vs. Helter Skelter
- Annie Social/Jimmy Clydesdale vs. Amy Lee/Missy Sampson
- TJ Cannon vs. Bruce Maxwell
- "The Complete" Pete Hunter w/ "The REAL Pitbull" Gary Wolf vs. KJ Hellfire
- House Interviews The Blue Meanie
- Also featuring Joker, Aramis, Lucky, and more

You can listen to this week's episode in the archive by checking here: []. Always stay in the know of wrestling knowledge with [].

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