PWU Announces Thomasellis vs. Hatchet Boyz - PWP LIVE! Recap Apr 05 - 11:53 pm EDT

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PWU Announces Thomasellis vs. Hatchet Boyz - PWP LIVE! Recap exploded onto Thursday nights with the always hard hitting Corporal Robinson, talk of the latest pro wrestling news, and more on Pro Wrestling Unplugged’s return on April 21.

Corporal Robinson was the special guest, answering questions from hosts Doc Daniels and Nate Stein and the LIVE! chat room about his beginnings, JCW’s tour and debuting Slam TV, who is the hardest hitter he’s ever faced, and a special announcement for PWU…

When Corp returns on 4/21, he teams with fellow Hatchet Boy, 2 Tuff Tony to take on the debuting Iron Saints (Vito and Sal Thomaselli)!

LIVE! also heated things up with their rapid fire roundtable discussion, joined by John House and Mike Trash, with the latest in pro wrestling:
* WrestleMania
* Colt Cabana’s WWE hiring
* The retirement and future plans of Chris Kanyon
* The Return of XPW?
* OVW’s 400th Show and Matt Cappattelli’s cancer situation
* …and MORE of the hottest news in wrestling.

Pro Wrestling Unplugged is gearing up for their return on April 21 at the New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA at 7:30 pm, now featuring:

* PWU World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore vs. Joker vs. Ricky Reyes
* Hatchet Boyz (Corporal Robinson and 2 Tuff Tony) vs. The Iron Saints (Vito and Sal Thomaselli)
* Messiah vs. Trent Acid
* #1 contenders to the PWU Tag Titles: Angus Brothers vs. The SAT vs. Bosom Buddies (Teddy Fine/Drew Blood)
* Barbed Wire Tables Match: Johnny Kashmere vs. Zach McGuire
* Meet and Greet hosted by John House and Eric Gargiulo featuring over 20 PWU stars after the event
* …and much more

Experience the New Edge online at for exclusive news, Power Surge TV, upcoming event information, and new merchandise at the Pro Shop. LIVE! returns next Thursday at 10 pm with the latest in the world of wrestling and with PWU Executive Vice President Annie Social.

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