ProWrestlingPress LIVE! THURSDAY - Annie Social/Derek Sabato Apr 10 - 10:45 pm EDT

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ProWrestlingPress LIVE! THURSDAY - Annie Social/Derek Sabato [] LIVE!
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Each THURSDAY at 10:00 PM EST

Hosts: John House, Doc Daniels

Annie Social, PWU Executive Assistant & Derek Sabato

Annie Social will be on the show to reveal yet another match for PWU's Moore Than Enough Event on April 21st. It is said that it will involve THREE NEW FACES in PWU.

On Saturday, 4/7/07, Eddie Kingston was fired in public by CZW owner John Zandig. Derek Sabato will join the program THIS THURSDAY to give his side of the story in a candid interview, and will explain the events that transpired on the night of April 7th, between Kingston's firing, CZW forcing Jigsaw out of the company, and the subsequent departure of himself.

Also on [], watch Eddie Kingston share his own comments on his public firing from CZW.

LIVE! is a show like no other. Instead of your typical hosts reading press releases, LIVE! features a panel of top talent in wrestling looking at the week’s latest news and controversy. You can also catch interviews from today’s top wrestling talent. You can interact in the LIVE! chatroom, where you can become part of the show and ask questions of your favorite stars where on the air…or as they pop in to chat.

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