Moore Thinks Kingston Should Earn Spot - LIVE Radio Apr 27 - 12:21 am EDT

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Moore Thinks Kingston Should Earn Spot - LIVE Radio Recap

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* As LIVE began, the chat room had almost two dozen people. Chats for LIVE Radio start rocking Thursdays at 9 pm.

* Doc Daniels & John House review Pro Wrestling Unplugged’s “Moore Than Enough” from this past weekend, highlighting Devon Moore retaining the PWU World Heavyweight Title

* Highlights from the Devon Moore interview:
- Devon is questioned about his win on Saturday, including Ricky Reyes aiding Moore without Moore’s knowledge by holding Joker’s foot down for a pin.
- Moore talked about Eddie Kingston entering PWU and how Kingston needs to “earn” a right to any title match.
- House brings up wanting to see Moore face Corporal Robinson. Moore says he would love to and knows he would bring in right back to Corp.
- Devon talks about his start in wrestling that led him to being in WXW (current Cruiserweight champion) and PWU (current World Heavyweight champion).
- Moore is questioned about his early success as a tag champion (often with later guest Drew Blood) and how he made the transition to singles competition, earning several titles along the way.
- Moore calls himself the “King of the Crazy 8” and talks about what it is like to be in PWU’s premier match.
- Devon Moore announces his tag partner for Saturday’s’s Live Event is…Aramis!

[img][/img] []* Check out a highlight video of PWU's Crazy 8 Matches - [url=][/url] []

* Highlights from Drew Blood on LIVE!:
- Talking about tagging with Teddy Fine and how Teddy is just a hilarious guy to be with. House plugs how well the fans are into The Bosum Buddies.
- Talked about success in WXW as the longest raining Cruiserweight champion and how it was to work down in Florida.
- Blood also shared what it’s like to wrestle in Philadelphia and how it’s different…and harder than anywhere else.

* In this week’s roundtable, House and Doc Daniels were joined by Nate Stein to discuss the week’s biggest wrestling news:
- Randy Orton allegedly suspended & fined for action on the Europe Tour
- WWE sues the current AWA
- Trish Stratus’ new reality show and how WWE is missing Trish Stratus
- Balls Mahoney on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”
- The Hulk Hogan - Memphis Wrestling Show
- Nicole Bass/Asia Files Bankruptcy
- Renee Dupree in Rehab causes plans to scrap ECW Tag Titles for now
- Who will be WWE’s next developmental territory?

*[url=][/url] Live Event “Fan Jam” THIS SATURDAY - 6 pm
New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA

- PWU World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore & Aramis vs. The SAT
- Johnny Kashmere Open Challenge
- Philadelphia Street Fight, No DQ: Helter Skelter w/ Sensational Sherri Martel vs. Marty Jannetty
- Slugga Grand Slam Challenge
- Tri-State Tag Titles Rematch: champion Angus Brothers vs. Bosum Buddies
- Annie Social & Jimmy Clydesdale vs. Amy Lee & Missy Sampson
- “The Complete” Pete Hunter w/ “The REAL Pitbull” Gary Wolf vs. Jai Kabong
- XFC Sic Man Tag: Kid America, “All American” Chris Ansert, and “US Male” Phil Bousche vs. Z-Barr, Tommy Biz, and Jake Black
- TJ Cannon vs. Bruce Maxwell
- House Interviews Blue Meanie
- Also featuring Crazii Shea, Angel Gonzalez, & more

- Special Intermission w/ Shensational Sherri, Marty Jannetty, Blue Meanie, & “The REAL Pitbull” Gary Wolf
- SAT Step 3 Seminar at the Arena starting at 3 pm

* You can listen all archives of our previous episodes at [url=][/url] [], including last week’s rare interview with PWU Owner Tod Gordon.

* Visit [url=][/url] for your daily wrestling news!

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