4/28 Results & Notes: 3 Injuries, 2 Title Defenses Apr 29 - 03:52 pm EDT

Live Report by natestein 4/28 Results & Notes: 3 Injuries, 2 Title Defenses, Sherri, Jannetty, Moore

[img][/img] [] Results from “House & Stein’s Fan Jam”
Saturday April 28, 2007
New Alhambra Arena, South Philadelphia, PA

News from the King of Europe Cup:
- Trent Acid receives a standing ovation from his first round match against Pac.

* House and Stein’s “Fan Jam” introduction left Dan Cowhey on the floor and Nate Stein challenging Johnny Kashmere.

The night started with [url=][/url] co-owners John House, Nate Stein, and Dan “The Phan” Cowhey welcoming the Philadelphia crowd. But John House stated he was taking control, now calling tonight’s event “House and Kashmere’s Fan Jam”.

Johnny Kashmere, who issued an open challenge for the night, came in yelling at Dan “The Phan” Cowhey for recently laughing at him on commentary, then kicked Cowhey below the belt and sent him to the floor. Kashmere tried pushing around Nate Stein. Stein fought back, but was beat down by House and Kashmere. As security took Stein to the back, he announced he would be Kashmere’s opponent later that night.

* TJ Cannon defeated Bruce Maxwell in a fast paced match-up.

Things start with fast paced reversals and counters. Maxwell goes outside and is met by a leaping Cannon. Maxwell hits a double stomp while Cannon is caught in the ropes. Cannon fought back and took control, even hitting a second rope release german suplex. Maxwell gained control and hit Cannon with a Stunner from his shoulders. Cannon came back strong and gets a pin after a Kudoh Driver.

* “The Compete” Pete Hunter w/ “Pitbull” Gary Wolf defeats Jai Kabong…then, Bobby Vee

The Philadelphia crowd loves Pete Hunter. The guitar playing Jai Kabong entered the arena, but didn’t want to give his guitar to the ref. Kabong and Hunter got into a shoving match, but Hunter quickly takes the advantage. Kabong was dropped on his head and Hunter covers for a win. Wolf takes the mic and asks for better competition. Hunter goes on to defeat Bobby Vee in quick fashion with "The Completion".

* Annie Social and Jimmy Clydesdale defeated Amy Lee and Missy Sampson

At the last PWP event, guest ref Missy Sampson assisted Amy Lee as Lee faced Annie Social, while Jimmy Clydesdale tried to fight on Social’s behalf against Lee and Sampson. This month, Missy and Amy accepted Clydesdale’s challenge to a mixed tag match.

Amy and Missy took control early, fighting their opponents on the outside of the ring. This was an all out fight that went back and forth between all participants in the match. But while Amy hit Clydesdale upside the head with the PWU Women’s Title belt, Annie Social snagged a quick roll up on Missy Sampson for the win.

* House interviews Blue Meanie, who is attacked by Damien Slugga

The building erupted as House called out The Blue Meanie. After his trademark dance, Meanie is asked about his return to in-ring action. Meanie said he’s received a lot of support in the last year and says that support brought him here today.

* No winners for Slugga’s Big Slam Challenge; Blue Meanie beat down.

House offered Meanie to pick three fans for the Slugga Grand Slam Challenge. The first two can't slam Slugga, but Rob Hartog still has a chance. He fails to slam Slugga, but fans chant for The Blue Meanie to take a shot. Meanie is able to lift Slugga up, but can't slam him. Slugga starts attacking Meanie and hits a powerful chokeslam.

* Helter Skelter w/ “Sensational” Sherri Martel pins Marty Jannetty

Things start crazy as Sherri low blows the referee. Sherri and Helter assault Jannetty. Skelter and Jannetty battle back and forth, even using a ladder, then a table. Skelter and Jannetty battle on the outside, even Sherri gets shots in on Jannetty. With the ref distracted, Helter hits Jannetty with Sherri’s loaded purse and makes a cover for the win.

* For the Tri-State Tag Titles: The Bosom Buddies (Teddy Fine/Drew Blood) defeat TJ Cannon/Bruce Maxwell

With the champs The Angus Brothers unable to make it, there was an open challenge to the locker room against The Bosum Buddies for the titles. Still wanting to prove themselves, Cannon and Maxwell stepped to the plate. The match was action packed from the start with excellent double team action from both sides. The crowd is firmly behind the Buddies. Teddy hits the "Fine Print" and then tosses Drew Blood from his shoulder onto Cannon to win the Tri-State Team Titles.

* Crazii Shea vs. Angel Gonzalez went to a no contest when KJ Hellfire interfered

The match started out at a lightning pace with the fans rallying behind Shea. As Shea gained control, a crazed KJ Hellfire runs in from the front door of the Arena and DVDs Shea onto Gonzalez. Security is able to user Hellfire out the front door.

* Team America (Kid America, Phil Bousche and Chris Ansert) beats Tommy Biz, Jake Black, and Z-Barr)

Replacing the injured Eek the Nerd, filling in on commentary, Jake Black is introduced as the partner of Z-Barr and Tommy Biz as they face Chris Ansert, Phil Bousche and Kid America. U-S-A chants filled the Arena. Team America took the advantage until Biz layed out Phil Bousche. Black tagged in for some quick offense. Z-Barr is tagged in, but is dropkicked by the tagged Kid America. All six men enter the ring, with Team America splashing all three of their opponents in the corner. Jake Black is then left in the ring to face Kid America alone and is pinned after a legendary legdrop.

* Johnny Kashmere w/ John House defeats Nate Stein in a Falls Count Anywhere, no DQ match

House starts by making this match a falls count anywhere, no DQ match. But Stein responded by bringing a trash can of weapons to the ring. House distracts Stein by blasting air horns in his ears. Kashmere attacks from behind, beating down Stein. Kashmere locked in a figure four with House giving some added leverage. But Stein gains control and busts open Kashmere with shots from a steel trash can. On the outside, Kashmere and House used the trash can on Stein. As Stein rallied back, Tommy Biz and Jake Black run in to aid Kashmere, but are fought off. Z-Barr runs in and hits an Ace Crusher on Stein. Z-Barr hands Kashmere a bat to finish off Stein. Dan Cowhey gets in the ring and connects with an awesome stunner. Stein is slow to cover and gets a two. Kashmere and Stein exchange shots, but Kashmere hits a low blow and a bulldog to make the cover. The crowd was on their feet out of respect for both men.

* The SAT defeated Aramis and Devon Moore

The SATs start by insulting their opponents and Philadelphia. In his first main event, Aramis showed tremendous skill and heart. Moore and Aramis started with strong technical displays, but was cut short after an illegal switch of partners. Aramis took a beating until stopping a Spanish Fly with a double DDT from the top rope. Devon and Aramis build back momentum until Joel hits a chair on Aramis behind the ref. SATs picked up the win, but Joel wanted Devon and a shot at the PWU World Heavyweight Title.

* PWU World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore retains his title against Joel Maximo in a Lumberjack Match

Joel starts in control, eventually connecting with a moonsault and a superplex, before sending Moore to the outside. The action went all around the New Alhambra, even seeing Devon leap from a lift onto Joel through a table. Devon and Joel made it back in the ring, fighting back and fourth. Devon goes for a pin after a shooting star press, but Jose hits the ref with a chair and causes Joel to be disqualified. But the Lumberjacks continued to fight one another after the match.

Due to The SATs actions during their matches, three talents received injuries. Missy Sampson injures ankle and winds up in hospital. Referee Derek Sabato received a forearm injury, while referee J.W. Modena received fractured ribs after blatant disregard by The SAT for the officials’ safety.

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* Hartog has come to terms with PWU officials to appear on a future PWU event.

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