Radio: All Money Is Legal HATE The SAT, PWU 5/19 May 11 - 12:51 am EDT

Live Report by natestein Radio Recap; All Money Is Legal HATE The SAT, PWU 5/19 7:30 pm

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[url=][/url] LIVE Radio started with a bang featuring LUKE HAWX shot on the recent actions of Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake.

* Luke is upset at hearing Beefcake was using drugs and alcohol in a match with Chad Parham, otherwise known as his friend and former tag partner Gabriel.
* Luke says Beefcake is a nobody who only had a spot in wrestling due to Hulk Hogan.
* Mike Trash was involved in the match involving Parham and Beefcake in Georgia and called it a shoot
* Luke called out Beefcake saying that if he wants to work good young guys that he will step up and “beat the dog shit” out of a man he considers not professional.

“From The Desk of TOD GORDON” was released yesterday, announcing matches for PWU’s 5/19 event “Pride, Pain, and Punishment”

* Z-Barr in John House's in-ring segment
* TJ Cannon vs. Bruce Maxwell
* "The Complete" Pete Hunter vs. Aramis (both trained by “REAL Pitbull” Gary Wolf )
* Johnny Kashmere vs. Zack McGuire
* Anything Goes, Street Fight: PWU Tag champions All Money Is Legal vs. The SAT in a non-title match
* PWU World Heavyweight Title Match: champion Devon Moore vs. Trent Acid
* Slugga’s Grand Slam Challenge continues
* Also Sal, Vito, & Brandon Thomaselli; The Angus Brothers; The Bossom Buddies (Drew Blood/Teddy Fine), Lucky, & more
* Fans can become the next PWU Commissioner by submitting a video for PWU Commissioner Idol. Full details on [url=][/url].
* In Crazy 8 news, JOEY MATTHEWS and EDDIE KINGSTON will be in action on June 17 for this event.

ALL MONEY IS LEGAL share their disgust for The SAT and get shots in on JOHN HOUSE.

* All Money Is Legal set up this Street Fight saying this time they won’t be attacked from behind, they’ll be coming right at The SAT.
* AMIL call out John House for supporting “his boys”, The SAT. House tells AMIL that they will have their hands too full on May 19.
* Winning the Pitbull/Public Enemy Memorial Cup, defeating The Backseat Boyz and The SAT along the way, has been their top experience in wrestling.
* AMIL tell SAT to keep their eyes open in the back of their heads
* Murda speaks on AWA WSW. They are their tag champs, they don’t show since they aren’t treated right.

As always, [url=][/url] LIVE talked about the top headlines from the past week:

* The Ultimate Warrior/Iron Sheik incident at a recent New Jersey Sports Convention
* Ring of Honor on Pay-Per-View
* WWE Injuries (Undertaker, Kennedy, Bobby Lashley) leading to Edge winning WWE World Heavyweight Title
* TNA Releases The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)
* Rock to play Captain Marvel in upcoming DC Comics movie
* WWE Developmental Talent Heading to Tampa

Catch [url=][/url] for your daily wrestling news.

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