LIVE Thurs @ 10pm: Amy Lee, Dan Cowhey May 30 - 11:39 pm EDT

Live Report by natestein LIVE Thurs @ 10pm: PWU Womens Champ Amy Lee, Dan Cowhey (Chat LIVE @ 9pm)

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[url=][/url] LIVE Radio THIS THURSDAY at 10 pm presents PWU Women’s champion Amy Lee and Dan “The Phan” Cowhey.

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The PWU Women’s champion has her sights set on one thing at “The Crazy 8” on Saturday, June 16 – the destruction of Annie Social. Find out more about the 18 year veteran with the size 42 Triple D. Amy will also be talking about her "PWP Shoot Series" interview that she will have just finished filming as she goes live on the air with our cohosts John House, Doc Daniels and Mike Trash.

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A partner in, he’s often found occupied behind the scenes at Pro Wrestling Unplugged. Close to the action at PWU as webmaster and commentator, what does he know about the insanity “The Crazy 8” will bring? Hear this XFC Academy graduate as he talks all about the upcoming "Crazy TailGate Party" that he will be a special guest host for.

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Check [url=][/url] for the latest wrestling news, including:

* John Cena and Ron Killings confrontation at a North Carolina Airport
* One Night Stand News
* The latest on Rob Van Dam
* PWU “Crazy 8” News

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