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Johnny Kashmere w/ Burt “Robin” Ward vs. Delirious: PWU, June 16

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Holy Crazy 8, PWU!

Pro Wrestling Unplugged returns for “The Crazy 8” on Saturday, June 16 at the New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA at 7 pm and Monday Night Mayhem’s Crazy Tailg8 at 4:30 pm.

Johnny Kashmere with Burt “Robin” Ward vs. Delirious
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After over 100 wrestlers accepted JOHNNY KASHMERE’s open challenge, Kashmere announced on Monday Night Mayhem he would face the man he accuses of making fun of those with mental issues - DELIRIOUS!

Kashmere added he would not be alone, as BURT “Robin” WARD, “Robin/Dick Grayson” from the original Batman TV series will be in his corner to give Kashmere “his wings” on June 16.

[img]http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com/pwucrazy8/images/robin.jpg[/img] [prowrestlingunplugged.com]

Ward will be signing autographs and meeting fans at intermission. Fans bring a few dollars for exclusive Burt Ward merchandise! Visit Burt Ward’s site at [url=http://www.RobinTheBoyWonder.com]RobinTheBoyWonder.com[/url].

Joey Matthews vs. “The Complete” Pete Hunter
[img]http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com/pwucrazy8/images/debutofjm.jpg[/img] [prowrestlingunplugged.com]

In his PWU debut, JOEY MATTHEWS will face the XFC graduate, mentored by “The Real Pitbull” Gary Wolf, “The Complete” PETE HUNTER. Hear what Matthews has to say on [url=http://www.prowrestlingpress.com]ProWrestlingPress.com[/url] LIVE Radio Thursday @ 10 pm.

Monday Night Mayhem’s “Crazy Tailg8” with Free Comics, Classic Cars, DJ Ryske, and more starts things off on June 14 at 4:30 pm.

[img]http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com/pwucrazy8/images/djryske.jpg[/img] [prowrestlingunplugged.com]

DJ Ryske will be on-hand to keep the party hot at the Tailg8! Check him out at [url=http://www.MySpace.com/DJryske]MySpace.com/DJryske[/url]. You can put in your requests for Ryske at [url=http://www.PWUfans.net]PWUfans.net[/url].

[img]http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com/pwucrazy8/images/eargasm.jpg[/img] [prowrestlingunplugged.com]

Automotive Modification Specialists are hooking the Tailg8 up a few of the hottest race cars in Philadelphia. Check out their site at [url=http://www.EargasmPhilly.com]EargasmPhilly.com[/url].

[img]http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com/pwucrazy8/images/mugs.jpg[/img] [prowrestlingunplugged.com]

The first 150 fans will receive the official Crazy 8 mug, brought to you by Tailg8 hosts Jake Black and Dan “The Phan” Cowhey.

[img]http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com/pwucrazy8/images/Comics.jpg[/img] [prowrestlingunplugged.com]

Ontario Street Comics will also give a comic away to the first 150 fans Stop by Ontario Street Comics, 2235 East Ontario ST in Philadelphia to get your Crazy 8 tickets TODAY! Check them out online at [url=http://www.MySpace.com/OntarioComics]MySpace.com/OntarioComics[/url].

[img]http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com/pwucrazy8/images/martinez.jpg[/img] [prowrestlingunplugged.com]

Mercedes Martinez has been added to The Crazy Tailg8! The former PWU Women’s champion, as well as Delirious, will be joining Joey Matthews, The Nasty Boyz, Sunny, 2 Cold Scorpio, and more PWU stars at The Crazy Tailg8!

[img]http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com/pwucrazy8/images/XFC.jpg[/img] [prowrestlingunplugged.com]

XFC Try Outs will also take place LIVE at Monday Night Mayhem’s Crazy Tailg8. To reserve your spot, e-mail prowrestlingunplugged.com agtjohnson at.

Vendors - limited space available, contact prowrestlingunplugged.com agtjohnson at to reserve your spot.

Experience the New Edge online at [url=http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com]ProWrestlingUnplugged.com[/url] for the latest on PWU’s biggest event of the year, “The Crazy 8”.

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