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"Only in Indy Wrestling" UPDATE on ProWrestlingPress.com HOTLINE: DOI Owner/2 Known Wrestlers Allegedly Involved in Vandalism of Promoter's Home

RIGHT NOW on the ProWrestlingPress.com HOTLINE, promoter Carmine Sabia, Jr. has EXCLUSIVE COMMENTS updating the wrestling world about the vandalism to his home on July 21st.

These exclusive new details are only on the ProWrestlingPress.com hotline. Kids under 18 get your parents' permission before calling.

As earlier reported on ProWrestlingPress.com, Witnesses have given statements and here is a statement directly from Sabia about he incident and his future plans:

"As many people may know the Declaration Of Independents message board has been a place where my name has been sullied, slandered and defamed for some time. I, for the most part, have chosen to ignore it because you have to pick your battles.

"Several weeks ago people anonymously began posting their intentions to vandalize my home by destroying my porch. I saved these posts in case they followed through. I also saved several; Instant Messenger conversations where they made the same threats, this time by name.

"Soon after those posts my porch was broken and I know by whom but will not say. I chose to not press charges at that time. This happened a few more times and I continued to try to reason with the perpetrators who again I shall not name.

"I explained to them that I would call the police and file a complaint if it happened again. Early today around 12:09 AM I received a phone call from Sean McCaffrey AKA The Mic, Daniel Perdue AKA Danny Demanto and Kevin McDonald AKA Kevin Matthews to come outside. I did not want to at that hour and told them so. Soon after our call ended I heard noise and looked outside to see what was going on. I then saw 3 perpetrators, who again shall remain nameless, breaking my porch. I, as promised, filed a report against these 3 people and fully intend to take it to court and press charges.

"I want to stress that people are innocent until proven guilty and for legal reasons I will not say exactly who I saw.

"I believe you can read into this statement what you want and draw your own conclusions."
Carmine Sabia Jr.

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