PWU SATURDAY @ 7:30 Fans Pick Matches; OVW Trainer Clinic Aug 14 - 01:05 am EDT

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PWU SATURDAY @ 7:30 Fans Pick The Matches; OVW Trainer Joey Matthews Seminar

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This Saturday at PWU, fans pick the matches for the superstars of Pro Wrestling Unplugged at the New Alhambra Arena (formerly ECW Arena), 7 Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA starting at 7:30 pm for PWU’s “Fan Appreciation Night”.

* Watch the new Power Surge TV at [url=][/url] as hosts Dan “The Phan” Cowhey and Jake Black give you a look into what stars of PWU think about going into battle this Saturday where fans pick the matches.

* Visit [url=][/url] for Saturday’s full roster and to purchase your tickets at the PWU Pro Shop before they sell out! Front Row has sold out early for the last two months, get into the action up close and personal!

* Several announcements will be made at “Fan Appreciation Night” for PWU’s Third Anniversary event on September 15. Will new superstars debut? Special matches? Find out this Saturday. Front Row tickets for this year’s Anniversary event will go on sale Saturday during intermission.

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* The Joey Matthews Step II Training Seminar takes place SATURDAY before “Fan Appreciation Night” at 3 pm for the EXTREME low cost of $25. Learn from the newest trainer at Ohio Valley Wrestling. To reserve your spot, e-mail jk at.

* Experience the New Edge at [url=][/url] for the latest on PWU’s expanding schedule, special appearances, exclusive news, Power Surge TV, & much more.

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