PWU TV Episode 1 Review; 10/27 & 11/3 Tickets On Sale Now Sep 20 - 11:29 pm EDT

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PWU TV Episode 1 Review; 10/27 & 11/3 Tickets On Sale Now

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Pro Wrestling Unplugged’s Power Surge TV has made Wednesdays the new night for wrestling on TV!

Broadcasting on Comcast Philadelphia channel 66 and Comcast Lower Merion channel 98, new episodes of Power Surge TV air Wednesdays at 8 pm. PSTV is also simulcast on [url=][/url] for free all week long.

From the debut episode you can still catch until next Wednesday on [url=][/url]:
• For our new fans, Power Surge TV started with a special video introduction to the stars of PWU.

• A rivalry building since PWU’s “Moore Than Enough” (available on DVD from PWU’s Pro Shop) exploded onto Power Surge TV as Violent J of The Insane Clown Posse, 2 Tuff Tony, and Corporal Robinson (aka The Hatchet Boyz) were selected by the fans to face The Thomaselli Brothers (Sal, Vito, & Brandon). The triple teaming tactics of The Thomaselli’s and the fan supported insanity of The Hatchet Boyz lead to a new level of chaos. Chair shots, Violent J flying from the top rope to the floor, a Flaming Fist, & more all led to a conclusion as insane as the match itself!

• A special Detox highlight reel was aired showing off the aerial excellence of the XFC Wrestling Training Center graduate.

• Too Cold Scorpio sat down with Nate Stein to answer questions about his start in wrestling, travelling around the world, wrestling some of the best wrestlers there have ever been, and being in Pro Wrestling Unplugged.

• In a Platform Steel Cage Match for the PWU Tag Team Titles, champions All Money Is Legal (K-Murda and K-Pusha) defended against The SAT (Joel and Jose Maximo). The SAT had been on a path of destruction trying to regain “their” tag team gold – breaking the wrist of referee Derek Sabato, breaking the ankle of Missie Sampson, and injuring the ribs of referee J.W. Modina. But locked inside a steel cage, it became more about the gold. Both teams wanted each other’s blood. From two of the most innovate tag teams in wrestling, locked inside a steel cage with platforms in each corner, it was one of the highest and hardest impact matches that you must see to be believed.

• Power Surge TV hosts Dan “The Phan” Cowhey and Jake Black looked at the history of the first three holders of the PWU World Heavyweight Title – “The Notorious 187” Homicide, “The International Superstar” Trent Acid, and Too Cold Scorpio.

• In your main event: Joey Matthews took on Trent Acid. Matthews started by calling Acid “jealous” of his accomplishments threatening Acid he will “beat some respect into him.” Acid had a response though, “Yeah, I am bitter. Because frankly, you’re just a Backseat wanna-be rip-off,” promising Matthews a beat down. These two went at each other full steam ahead as soon as the bell sounded. The action stayed intense in the ring, turned vicious when both men spilled out of the ring, and showed the determination of both men to stay at the top of the ranks of Pro Wrestling Unplugged.

See the action of PWU Power Surge TV’s debut episode right now on [url=][/url] until next week’s next action filled episode.

See the action of PWU in person: 10/27 in Philadelphia, 11/3 in Feasterville, & 11/17 in Philadelphia.

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Experience the New Edge at [url=][/url] for the latest on Power Surge TV, full event and ticket information, exclusive news, & much more.

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