See the New PWU World Title; TV Preview; Tournament News Oct 02 - 12:52 am EDT

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See the New PWU World Title; TV Preview; Tournament News and Kostumes

On Monday night, Johnny Kashmere and John House were guests on the Monday Night Mayhem pro wrestling radio show. On this broadcast, which can be heard in its entirety at both [url=][/url] and [url=][/url], JK and House made a few major announcements concerning PWU's fall season of events as well as PWU's PowerSurge TV show. Here is the recap of what was covered on air:

-PWU has a brand new World Heavyweight Title being made. The exclusive first peek at this custom title belt is now available at [url=][/url].

- Kashmere's Kostume Party with prizes given out at intermission by "The New Batman" Johnny Kashmere & "Boy Wonder" Jimmy Klydesdale for "Best Overall Costumes" & "Best Superhero Costumes".

- Beefcake, Valentine, Zybsko, Stasiak, and a certain "Hardcore Icon" will be in action on 10/27.

-The TV Title tournament just got a lot bigger! FOUR more first round matches have been added to the October 27th "OktoberFest: Kashmere's Kostume Party" lineup.....

1. Trent Acid vs Justice Pain!! A match that a month ago no one would have ever believed would happen IS HAPPENING, high stakes in this one.
2. "The Complete" Pete Hunter takes on JC Ryder.
3. "The Best Around Collide" as Bruce Maxwell battles TJ Cannon

and finally....

4. For the PWU World Heavyweight Title, champion Too Cold Scorpio faces Devon Moore. If you've been watching PowerSurge TV you know the history between these two, from teacher/mentor to bitter enemies.

** If you havent been following PWU's PowerSurgeTV weekly, nows a great time to hop on board, this Wednesday at 8pm EST if you go to [url=][/url] (or if you're in Philly channel 66 or 98 on your TV) you will see the THIRD edition ever of PowerSurgeTV featuring the following:

Power Surge TV Preview, Wednesday October 3rd Edition:
-TV Title Tournament Round One: "Fabulous" John McChesney vs ZBARR w/ Sunny
-A special look at Johnny Kashmere entitled "From Batman....and Beyond"
-First words from Devon Moore since he shocked everyone by turning on Scorpio, PWU and its fans
-The formation of Gary Wolf's Team P.I.T.
-TV Title Tournament Round One: Eddie Kingston vs Luke Hawx

Get your tickets NOW for PWU's 10/27 and 11/3 TV Tapings by [url=]clicking here[/url]

Below are the event posters for the upcoming TV Tapings, feel free to print them out and hang them on your wall or put them up around your work or school:

[img][/img] []
[img][/img] []

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