PWU 1/19 @ 2:30pm: Moore-Kingston, Z-Barr-Mr. Wrestling III Dec 28 - 07:20 pm EST

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PWU 1/19 @ 2:30pm: Moore-Kingston, Z-Barr-Mr. Wrestling III

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ADDED AS A SPECIAL HOLIDAY GIFT from PWU for Saturday, January 19 at the early start time of 2:30 pm at the New Alhambra Arena (former ECW Arena), 7 Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA:

EDDIE KINGSTON vs. DEVON MOORE - This match has been building for some time. Call it professional rivalry. Last month, these two finally blew up causing each other their shot in the Chance of a Lifetime Battle Royal. Now, these two are going one on one to bash each other’s heads in.

PWU TV TITLE MATCH: champion Z-BARR vs. the debut of MR. WRESTLING III – Who is the mysterious Mr. Wrestling III? How will the first ever TV champion Z-Barr defend against someone no one knows anything about? And what lengths will Z-Barr go to retain the title?

Already announced:

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Pro Wrestling Unplugged is offering two DVDs in its new "Classic Collection" available from the PWU Pro Shop on [url=][/url]. For the first time the entire Super Jam Weekend from April 2006 will be offered in one box set for $25. These events include the PWU Debuts of Samoa Joe Christopher Daniels, New Jack, and Francine, as well as the returns of The Blue Meanie, The Sandman, "The REAL Pitbull" Gary Wolf, and Homicide.

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Power Surge TV brand new EVERY WEDNESDAY at 8 pm on Comcast Philadelphia channel 190 and Comcast Lower Merion channel 98 and online at [url=][/url].

For all the latest event and ticket information, as well as exclusive news, and PWU merchandise, visit [url=][/url].

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