Tod Gordon Announces Retirement; PWU's "Wrestle-Reality" Apr 14 - 06:12 pm EDT

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From the desk of Tod Gordon

It was not my intention for this to become a matter of public record until after I had an opportunity to address my dressing room and my staff on Saturday night, but with the age of the internet upon us, that turned out not to be possible. It’s not a complicated story folks. A member of my immediate family is gravely ill and both my physical and financial resources must be devoted to 24/7 healthcare. It would be virtually impossible for me to devote the time and energy needed to run PWU and my store and be a caretaker. Something had to give. It’s been 20 blessed years in this business surrounded by top notch quality talent both in front of and behind the camera. I will miss each and every one of them along with all of you fans who supported me so faithfully.


Two companies will emerge from what I leave behind. The owner of the New Alhambra has pledged to keep wrestling events happening in that building every third Saturday of the month. In fact, he plans on using most of the same talent you’ve come to love and/or hate in PWU with a few exciting additions. After my last event this Saturday night, please check out for information regarding this promotion that will run it’s first show on Saturday night, May the 17th to be followed the third Saturday in June with the annual New Alhambra Hardcore Hall of Fame ceremony.

At the end of this letter I’m attaching a release from my good friend John Kashmere regarding the future of PWU and an exciting innovative concept he has developed. In closing, my heartfelt thanks to every independent wrestling fan reading this. Please continue to support independent wrestling and I’m hoping you’ll be there this Saturday night at Cuffed and Caged to say goodbye. God Bless you all.

Tod Gordon

PRO WRESTLING UNPLUGGED, the force behind innovations like The Crazy 8 Match, Cuffed + Caged, and the Red Carpet Rally, now embarks on a revolutionary new adventure in sports entertainment known as “WRESTLE-REALITY”.

This Saturday, PWU hosts AL SNOW, BUSHWACKER LUKE, GARY WOLF, JOHNNY KASHMERE, & THE BACKSEAT HOODIES during intermission to sign autographs, discuss PWU’s newest concept, and announce the date of PWU's next event. They will also be on hand to give their respect at the retirement of wrestling legend TOD GORDON.

Check out later this week as we define "WRESTLE-REALITY"

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