WXW C4 Debut Results; Post Show Action; Returns May 16 May 06 - 09:14 pm EDT

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WXW C4 Debut Results; Post Show Action; Returns May 16

The debut of WXW C4 exploded on the wrestling scene this past Saturday.

* Sugaa and Billy Dream were the last men standing in a battle royal - they would wrestle for the Ultimate Heavyweight Championship later that night
* Sabian def. Eddie Guapo
* Havoc/Bane def. Z-Barr/AJ Sabatoge
* Azrieal & The Dynamic Sensation went to a 15 min time limit draw
* The Best Around (TJ Cannon/Bruce Maxwell) def. The Lone Rangers (Tonic/RJR)
* DJ Hyde def. Eric Cobian w/ Doc Daniels
* Dizzy def. Tommy Suede after Sugaa help cost Tommy Suede the match
* Drew Blood def. Supreme Lee Great
* All Money Is Legal (K-Pusha/K-Murda) def. The Island Kings (Samoan Dragon/Monguey)
* WXW World Heavyweight champion Sugaa w/ Doc Daniels def. Billy Dream to become the first ever WXW C4 Ultimate Heavyweight Champion after Tommy Suede accidentally hit Billy Dream with a chair. The referee restarted the match after Dream first got the pin after powder was thrown in Sugaa's face

But the action didn't stop there. See what happened after the last bell rang by visiting [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzZEZ6DQ2EM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzZEZ6DQ2EM[/url] [youtube.com]

World Xtreme Wrestling C4 returns to action on Friday, May 16 at 7:30 pm to the Coplay Municipal Building, 98 South 4th ST in Coplay, PA for Operation: Total Devastation.

[url=http://www.wxwc4.com]WXWc4.com[/url] will announce the first set of matches on this event THIS WEEK! But until then, we've been able to confirm that just signed for Operation: Total Devastation is the one and only Mickey Knuckles! Will she be coming to take the title from Kacee Carlisle? Or is it Mercedes Martinez that she has her eyes on? Little is known at this time, but in WXW C4 anything can happen!

WXW C4 fans will be the first to know as soon as an opponent is announced on [url=http://www.wxwc4.com]WXWc4.com[/url]. However, in order to get exclusive news immediately as it happens, sign up for WXW C4's text message service by clicking on the button on the main page of [url=http://www.wxwc4.com]WXWc4.com[/url].

For more on upcoming event and ticket information, exclusive interviews, and to purchase WXW C4's debut on DVD, visit [url=http://www.wxwc4.com]WXWc4.com[/url].

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