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JCW Results from 12/17; Shocking Retirement; Returns 12/31 Dec 18 - 12:37 pm EST

Opinion by natestein

JCW Results from 12/17; Shocking Retirement; Returns 12/31

Juggalo Championship Wrestling saw action this past Saturday, December 17 at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI in front of a sold out crowd!

Prior to the first match, The Voice of JCW, \\\"KG\\\" Kevin Gill, entered the ring to welcome the sold out crowd and introduce JCW Heavyweight champion Corporal Robinson.

In an emotional interview, Corp acknowledged he is not cleared to compete by doctors and after an unprecedented four championship reigns, an untold number of concussions, serious back and neck injuries, Corporal Robinson would be retiring as JCW champion, effective immediately.

He then surrendered the JCW belt and stepped out of the six-man tag team main event!

Corporal Robinson said he wouldn\\\'t change a thing and that with the love of his Juggalo family he rose to the top of the wrestling world. He vowed to focus 100% on physical rehabilitation and healing.

KG raised Corp’s hand in the center of the ring and Robinson soaked up the cheers, daps, hugs, and love from the ninjas in attendance - A true unprecedented moment in JCW history.

Everyone at JCW would like to thank Corporal Robinson for giving 100 percent in the ring and send nothing but positive Karma. Thank you, Champ! We love you!

The night’s action saw:
* Bull Pain w/ Isabella Smothers defeated The Weedman
* Headbangers defeated Madman Pondo and Necro Butcher in a Hardcore match
* Zach Gowen defeated Isabella Smothers W/ Bull Pain
* 2 Tuff Tony and Butler Geeves defeated Richie Boy Bryer Wellington (w/ Miss Geeves), Kongo Kong (w/ Truth Martini) and \\\"The Submissionary” Rob Conway in a Handicapped Match following the shocking retirement of Corporal Robinson. The numbers game proved too much for the Louisville Town Drunk and the breakout star Geeves, but old Friend Corporal Robinson brought a steel chair to the ring and evened the odds, brutally intervening on a Bryer Wellington Moonsault and allowing Tony to set up for his patented flaming fist.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling returns for the ‘New Year’s Ninja Party’ on Saturday, December 31 for a live crowd at The Palladium, 261 Main Street in Worcester, MA.

For JCW Merchandise and DVDs, visit HatchetGear.com

‘New Year’s Ninja Party’ - LIVE Event Only
Saturday, December 31, 2011
The Palladium, 261 Main ST, Worcester, MA

JCW HOTLINE Hosted By Kevin Gill 313-483-0949+
For Interview/Media Requests, contact gmail.com JCWninja at

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