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wrestlingDB – User Articles | CZW Results; El Generico vs. MASADA September 8! by natestein

CZW Results; El Generico vs. MASADA September 8! Aug 13 - 09:05 pm EDT

Live Report by natestein

CZW Results; El Generico vs. MASADA September 8!

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AVAILABLE NOW at HybridEnt.TV – The live replay of Saturday\\\'s \\\'Tangled Web V\\\' available On-Demand! Did anarchy in CZW continue? What did Drew Gulak have to say? MASADA and Joker stood nose-to-nose last month - what happened now? And who won the Tangled Web match between DJ Hyde & Matt Tremont? (Direct Link - http://www.hybrident.net/PPSSign-ups/299E060signup.php [hybrident.net])

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CZW \\\'Tangled Web\\\' Results & News for September 8!

For full results, visit CZWrestling.com or see what happened for yourself at HybridEnt.TV!

* Core pinned Ryan Slater
* The Gulak Campaign for a Better Combat Zone beat Rory Mondo and Latin Dragon
* Shane Strickland pinned Rich Swann
* Drew Gulak made his \\\'State of the Combat Zone\\\' address, also introducing Kimber Lee as the Assistant Director of Gender Equality for the Campaign for a Better Combat Zone. But Greg Excellent interrupted, creating an impromptu match where Drew Gulak tapped out Greg Excellent
* Nation of Intoxication members Devon Moore & Lucky 13 became NEW CZW World Tag Team champions, defeating 4Loco\\\'s Azrieal & Bandido, Jr.
* Sami Callihan defeated Ruckus
* CZW World Junior Heavyweight champion AR Fox retained over Alex Colon. After the match, AR Fox set a challenge for CZW Wired TV champion Dave Crist to face him in a Ladder Match on September 8 where both titles would be on the line!
* CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA & Joker spilled onto the floor, going to a Double Count Out. Joker then overhead threw the ref into the steel ring post and punched CZW Vice President Maven Bentley in the jaw!
* Tangled Web Match: DJ Hyde defeated \\\"The Bulldozer\\\" Matt Tremont. After the match, Joe Gacy assaulted Tremont to prove himself to the boss, until MASADA & the Nation of Intoxication stormed the ring. As Hyde tried to gloat, Greg Excellent emerged to use his third & final wish - At CZW\\\'s return to Townsend, DE on September 22, Matt Tremont will get his rematch against DJ Hyde in a \\\"Bulldozer Rules Match\\\"!

After \\\'Tangled Web V\\\', the following has been announced for September 8\\\'s \\\'Chri$ Ca$h Memorial: Down With The Sickness\\\':

* The returning El Generico, current wXw Heavyweight champion, will face MASADA for the CZW World Heavyweight Title!
* For Jokers\\\' actions, CZW Vice President Maven Bentley has suspended Joker from September 8!
* Also returning September 8, The Super Smash Brothers!
* In the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder, Title Unification Match, CZW World Junior Heavyweight champion AR Fox faces CZW Wired TV champion Dave Crist!
* Also announced, CZW World Tag champions NOI members Devon Moore & Lucky 13 defend against Gulak Campaign members Alexander James & Mr. Tofiga!

Much more to be announced soon. Stay in the know at CZWrestling.com.

Show your support on the \\\'Down With the Sickness\\\' Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/events/433519320015212/ [facebook.com].

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Upcoming CZW Events

* Saturday, September 8 – DOUBLE HEADER WITH EVOLVE - Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ - CZW \\\'Down With The Sickness\\\'. 7:30 pm
* Saturday, September 22 - Ultraviolent Underground, Ebenezer Church RD, Townsend, DE - CZW \\\'Redemption\\\'.

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