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wrestlingDB – User Articles | More Added to CZW September 8! New Wired Podcast! by natestein

More Added to CZW September 8! New Wired Podcast! Aug 28 - 11:12 pm EDT

Live Report by natestein

More Added to CZW September 8! New Wired Podcast!

CZWrestling.com - Saturday, September 8, CZW returns LIVE on iPPV for \\\'The Chri$ Ca$h Memorial: Down With The Sickness\\\' in a double header with EVOLVE at The Flyer\\\'s Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD in Voorhees, NJ! Evolve starts at 5 pm! CZW action starts at 8 pm!

* Matt Tremont has announced he will address CZW owner DJ Hyde at \\\'Down With The Sickness\\\'!
* Also, the Gulak Campaign for a Better Combat Zone\\\'s Drew Gulak and Kimber Lee join forces against Greg Excellent and Mia Yim!

Already announced:
* CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA vs. El Generico!
(See CZWrestling.com\\\'s preview at http://www.czwrestling.com/news.php/el_generico_will_return_to_the_combat_zone_to_challenge_masada.html [czwrestling.com])
* CZW World Tag champions The Nation of Intoxication members Devon Moore & Danny Havoc vs. The Gulak Campaign For a Better Combat Zone members Alexander James & Mr. Tofiga!
(See CZWrestling.com\\\'s preview at http://www.czwrestling.com/news.php/nation_of_intoxication_set_to_defend_tag_team_championships.html [czwrestling.com])
* In a Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder, Title Unification Match, CZW World Junior Heavyweight champion AR Fox faces CZW Wired TV champion Dave Crist!
(See Dave Crist\\\'s acceptance on CZWrestling.com at http://www.czwrestling.com/news.php/ladder_match_challenge_accepted.html [czwrestling.com])
* Ohio Is For Killers members Jake Crist & Sami Callihan w/ Nevaeh will face The Super Smash Brothers!
(See CZWrestling.com\\\'s preview for this match at http://www.czwrestling.com/news.php/the_super_smash_brothers_opponents_announced.html [czwrestling.com])
* In a rematch from \\\'Tangled Web V\\\', Rich Swann vs. Shane Strickland!
(See CZWrestling.com\\\'s preview for this match at http://www.czwrestling.com/news.php/swann_gets_his_rematch.html [czwrestling.com])
* 4Loco\\\'s Alex Colon w/ Chrissy Rivera vs. former BLK OUT partner Ruckus w/ Robbie Mireno!
(See CZWrestling.com\\\'s preview at http://www.czwrestling.com/news.php/the_fall_out_from_the_break_up_of_blk_out.html [czwrestling.com])
* In an true opportunity for two men on September 8, Kekoa takes on Pepper Parks w/ Cherry Bomb!
(See CZWrestling.com\\\'s preview at http://www.czwrestling.com/news.php/687.htm [czwrestling.com])
* CZW Vice President Maven Bentley has suspended Joker!
(See the announcement on CZWrestling.com at http://www.czwrestling.com/news.php/maven_bentley_suspends_joker.html [czwrestling.com])

Come early to see EVOLVE at 5 pm (For more information, visit http://www.dgusa.tv/liveeventEvolve090812.htm [dgusa.tv]). Show your support for \\\'Down With The Sickness\\\' on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/433519320015212/ [facebook.com].

For advertisement, sponsorship, and vending opportunities, contact czwrestling.com DJHyde at.

- - - - - - - - - -
Watch the Latest CZW WIRED Podcast!

In Episode #8, catch:
- Highlights from 4Loco (Azrieal & Bandido Jr) defending the tag titles against Nation of Intoxication (Devon Moore & Lucky 13) from Tangled Web 5.
- Words from 4Loco
- A Nation of Intoxication celebration and words with CZW Vice President Maven Bentley about special \\\'rules\\\' for The Nation of Intoxication!

Watch now:
CZW Media Player: http://www.czwrestling.com [czwrestling.com]
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/czwnews [youtube.com]
Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/combatzonewrestling [dailymotion.com]
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/combat-zone-wrestling/id53709189 [apple.com/us]

- - - - - - - - - -
Watch the Latest CZW Action at HybridEnt.TV!

AVAILABLE NOW at HybridEnt.TV – The live replay of \\\'Tangled Web V\\\' available On-Demand! Did anarchy in CZW continue? What did Drew Gulak have to say? MASADA and Joker stood nose-to-nose last month - what happened now? And who won the Tangled Web match between DJ Hyde & Matt Tremont? (Direct Link - http://www.hybrident.net/PPSSign-ups/299E060signup.php [hybrident.net])

Also available:
CZW \\\'New Heights\\\' On-Demand and DVD! The DVD has optional commentary (with/without), replays, video packages, & MORE! Witness the 60-minute Ultraviolent Iron-Man Match between Sami Callihan and Drake Younger that is a must-see of 2012!

Now on DVD & On-Demand: Tournament of Death – The Combat Zone exploded with action in the Ultraviolent Underground!

- - - - - - - - - -
CZW Looking for Ring Crew!

CZWrestling.com - Looking to enter into the world of professional wrestling? CZW is looking for volunteers to join the CZW ring crew.

CZW ring crew members MUST 1) have reliable transportation, 2) be available on the second Saturday of the month, 3) be reliable and trustworthy, 4) must be able to lift 50 lbs., & 5) must be willing to work long hours. To sign up, contact czwrestling.com djhyde at!

- - - - - - - - - -
Several Overseas Dates Added!

CZWrestling.com - Several CZW wrestlers will travel across the Atlantic in two months as CZW travels England with Fight Club Pro from Friday, October 26 to Sunday, October 28 and then moves on to Germany from Friday, November 2 to Sunday, November 4 - including CZW \\\'Tournament of Death - Europe\\\' on Sunday, November 4! Much more information will be coming soon!

- - - - - - - - - -
WrestleCon Tickets Available Now!

WrestleCon.com - Join in on the biggest weekend of wrestling, LIVE from the Meadownlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ - April 5 to 7! See guests such at Demolition\\\'s Ax & Smash, Mr. Fuji, Kamala, Ken Patera, Tito Santana, Colt Cabana, Freight Train, and many more! And on Friday, April 5 - see CZW LIVE in action at 8 pm. More information coming soon about CZW action in the Meadowlands! See CZWrestling.com\\\'s preview at http://www.czwrestling.com/news.php/655.htm [czwrestling.com].

- - - - - - - - - -
Upcoming CZW Events

* Saturday, September 8 – DOUBLE HEADER WITH EVOLVE - Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ - CZW \\\'Down With The Sickness\\\'. 8 pm
* Saturday, September 22 - Ultraviolent Underground, Ebenezer Church RD, Townsend, DE - CZW \\\'Redemption\\\'. 2 pm
* Saturday, October 13 - Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ
* Friday, October 26 to Sunday, October 28 - CZW in England with Fight Club Pro
* Friday, November 2 and Saturday, November 3 - CZW in Germany with wXw \\\'Fight Club 2012\\\' & wXw \\\'Inside the Triangle\\\'
* Saturday, November 3 - \\\'CZW in Germany\\\'
* Sunday, November 4 - CZW \\\'Tournament of Death - Europe!\\\'
* Saturday, November 10 - Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ - CZW \\\'Night of Infamy\\\'.
* Saturday, December 8 - Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ - CZW \\\'Cage of Death\\\'.

- - - - - - - - - -
CZW Official Facebook at http://Facebook.com/OfficialCZW [Facebook.com]
CZW Official Twitter at http://Twitter.com/CombatZone [Twitter.com]

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