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CZW Results & Match for \\\'Cage of Death\\\' Announced Nov 11 - 08:02 pm EST

Live Report by natestein

CZW Results & Match for \\\'Cage of Death\\\' Announced

CZWrestling.com - Take a look at the quick results from \\\'Night of Infamy\\\' as the road heads to \\\'Cage of Death\\\' on December 8 at The Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.

\\\'Brain Damage Tribute\\\' Results:
* CZW Wired TV champion AR Fox defeated Adam Cole
* Ohio Is 4 Killers\\\' Jake & Dave Crist defeated Ron Mathis & Joe Gacy
* Sami Callihan defeated Matt Tremont. Tremont was then thrown out of the building by CZW owner DJ Hyde\\\'s security
* CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA defeated Rich Swann
* Toby Klein defeated Danny Havoc

\\\'Night of Infamy\\\' Results w/ Human Tornado, Davey Richards, & New Jack:
* CZW owner DJ Hyde saw Matt Tremont in the crowd with a ticket and tried to throw him out, until the entire CZW locker room threatened a walk-out. Hyde offered Tremont his job back, IF he could win a tag match against Joe Gacy & Ron Mathis in an Ultraviolent Tag without help from someone in CZW, ROH, or DragonGate USA.
* Pepper Parks w/ Cherry Bomb defeated Latin Dragon and Dustin Rayz
* In an Ultraviolent Rules Match, The Nation of Intoxication\\\'s Danny Havoc defeated 4Loco\\\'s Alex Colon when he gave up before Havoc could hit him with a flaming barbwire baseball bat. Colon tried to suffocate Havoc with a plastic bag. The Nation\\\'s Lucky tHURTeen and Devon Moore tried to help, but were stopped by CZW World Tag champions & 4Loco\\\'s Azrieal & Bandido, Jr. Toby Klein then helped to stop 4Loco, along with the arrival of BLK OUT\\\'s Ruckus, Robbie Mireno, and BLK Jeez.
* Klein announced he wanted a tag title shot against champs Az & Bandido, Jr.\\\'s open challenge, but BLK OUT\\\'s Ruckus & BLK Jeez told him he needed help...which he found in the way of Human Tornado! However, Azrieal & Bandido, Jr. were able to retained over Human Tornado & Toby Klein and BLK OUT.
* In Ultraviolent Rules, New Jack came to the aid of Matt Tremont to defeat Ron Mathis & Joe Gacy, giving Tremont his job back! CZW owner DJ Hyde came to the ring and declared it would be him & Tremont inside \\\'The Cage of Death\\\'!
* Sami Callihan made an announcement about his future...that he will take a crap in the ring. Adam Cole came out to say that him & Callihan were #1 & #2 in the world, but Callihan was #2. The two fought around ringside until pulled apart by security.
* Wired TV champion AR Fox won his open invitational against Lucky tHURteen, Shane Strickland, & Rich Swann
* Ohio Is 4 Killers\\\' Jake & Dave Crist defeated The Briscoes
* CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA retained over Davey Richards by submission!

So far announced for \\\'Cage of Death\\\', what promises to be the biggest event of the year:
* Inside The Cage of Death: CZW owner DJ Hyde vs. Matt Tremont

Support CZW\\\'s \\\'Cage of Death\\\' on Facebook at Facebook.com/events/322255311204522/. Tickets available now from The CZW Pro Shop at http://www.czwrestling.com/czwstore/ [czwrestling.com].

For Advertising, Sponsorship, & Vending Opportunities, as well as Media Requests, contact CZWrestling.com DJHyde at.

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Get the Latest CZW Action at HybridEnt.TV!

HybridEnt.TV - See the replay of the LIVE shoot interview with CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA\\\'s \\\'Reflections and Refractions\\\', where fans asked the questions!

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WrestleCon Weekend April 5-7, News & Ticket Information

CZWrestling.com - CZW joins the largest united front in independent pro wrestling during wrestling\\\'s largest weekend - Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7 at The Meadowlands Expo Center at 355 Plaza Drive in Secaucus, NJ, minutes from this year\\\'s WrestleMania! For information on ticket packages, hotels, special guests, and all the action, visit CZWrestling.com/news.php/wrestlecon_tickets_now_available.html.- - - - - - - - - -

CZW Looking for Ring Crew!

CZWrestling.com - Looking to enter into the world of professional wrestling? CZW is looking for volunteers to join the CZW ring crew.

CZW ring crew members MUST 1) have reliable transportation, 2) be available on the second Saturday of the month, 3) be reliable and trustworthy, 4) must be able to lift 50 lbs., & 5) must be willing to work long hours. To sign up, contact czwrestling.com djhyde at!

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Upcoming CZW Events

* Saturday, December 8 - Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ - CZW \\\'Cage of Death\\\'.

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CZW Official Facebook at Facebook.com/OfficialCZW
CZW Official Twitter at Twitter.com/CombatZone

Nate Stein Twitter at Twitter.com/PSPhenom

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