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wrestlingDB – User Articles | COD \\\'Ultraviolent Insanity\\\', MASADA response, Callihan by natestein

COD \\\'Ultraviolent Insanity\\\', MASADA response, Callihan Nov 22 - 12:53 am EST

Live Report by natestein

COD \\\'Ultraviolent Insanity\\\', MASADA response, Callihan-Cole!
Graphic: CZWrestling.com/upcoming/images/120812/CZW120812FlyerL.jpg

CZWrestling.com - CZW biggest event of the year, \\\'Cage of Death\\\' airs LIVE on iPPV Saturday, December 8 from The Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD in Voorhees, NJ with a 7:30 pm belltime (in a double-header with EVOLVE 18 at 4 pm).

CZW officials have confirmed CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA has accepted the challenge from Drake Younger! MASADA has also promised some heated words for The Golden Boy!

In what will be an \\\'Ultraviolent Insanity Match\\\' - all members of 4Loco (Alex Colon & CZW World Tag champions Azrieal, & Bandido, Jr.) face all members of The Nation of Intoxication (Danny Havoc, Lucky tHURTeen, & Devon Moore)! More details coming soon about the high flying insanity that will occur in this match.

At \\\'Night of Infamy\\\' Adam Cole & Sami Callihan had heated words that exploded in a fight around ring side. Now, in a CZW Rules Match, it will be Sami Callihan vs. Adam Cole one-on-one!

Kimber Lee will fight for equality along side Drew Gulak as they face Greg Excellent & Momma Excellent!

Already announced for December 8:
* Inside The Cage of Death: CZW owner DJ Hyde vs. Matt Tremont
* Rich Swann vs. Shane Strickland in a battle for aerial supremacy!
* CZW Wired TV champion AR Fox has asked CZW officials to bring in top world-wide talent to face him at COD.
* To name a #1 contender for the CZW World Tag Titles: OIFK\\\'s Jake & Dave Crist w/ Nevaeh face BLKOUT\\\'s BLK Jeez & Ruckus w/ Robbie Mireno

CZW will continuing its annual \\\'Toys for Tots\\\' drive. Fans, please bring a new, unwrapped toy with you to donate at \\\'Cage of Death\\\'!

Tickets available now from The CZW Pro Shop at http://www.czwrestling.com/czwstore/ [czwrestling.com]. Support CZW\\\'s \\\'Cage of Death\\\' on Facebook at Facebook.com/events/322255311204522/.

The Flyer\\\'s Skate Zone is allowing alcohol sales to take place. CZW is currently looking for a vendor at \\\'Cage of Death\\\'. For this opportunity, as well as other Advertising, Sponsorship, & Vending Opportunities, as well as Media Requests, contact CZWrestling.com DJHyde at.

- - - - - - -
Black Friday Deals at HybridEnt.TV!
Graphic: www.dropbox.com/s/2l0217bz34asc9d/HETVIndexSplash-RandR2012-Sami.jpg

HybridEnt.TV - Visit HybridEnt.TV from Friday to Monday for Cyber Black Weekend deals on On-Demand streams and DVDs!

Then come back November 28 to watch Sami Callihan LIVE on iPPV responding to fan questions for his LIVE shoot interview, \\\'Reflections and Refractions\\\' - just tweet #CZWReflections to take part!

And soon, more information on a special fan interactive iPPV event just days before \\\'Cage of Death\\\' called, \\\'Eye for an Eye\\\'

You can also see the replay of MASADA\\\'s LIVE shoot interview \\\'Reflections and Refractions\\\', CZW \\\'Redemption\\\' at The Ultraviolent Underground, The Matt Tremont Timeline Series...and more!

- - - - - - -
WrestleCon Weekend April 5-7, News & Ticket Information

CZWrestling.com - CZW joins the largest united front in independent pro wrestling during wrestling\\\'s largest weekend - Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7 at The Meadowlands Expo Center at 355 Plaza Drive in Secaucus, NJ, minutes from this year\\\'s WrestleMania! For information on ticket packages, hotels, special guests, and all the action, visit CZWrestling.com/news.php/wrestlecon_tickets_now_available.html.- - -

- - - - - - -

CZW Looking for Ring Crew!

CZWrestling.com - Looking to enter into the world of professional wrestling? CZW is looking for volunteers to join the CZW ring crew.

CZW ring crew members MUST 1) have reliable transportation, 2) be available on the second Saturday of the month, 3) be reliable and trustworthy, 4) must be able to lift 50 lbs., & 5) must be willing to work long hours. To sign up, contact czwrestling.com djhyde at!

- - - - - - - - - -
Upcoming CZW Events

* Saturday, December 8 - Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ - CZW \\\'Cage of Death\\\'.

- - - - - - - - - -
CZW Official Facebook at Facebook.com/OfficialCZW
CZW Official Twitter at Twitter.com/CombatZone

Nate Stein Twitter at Twitter.com/PSPhenom

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