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Legacy Wrestling Debuts: CZW Enters & Who Is Champion? Jun 10 - 11:28 pm EDT

Live Report by natestein

Legacy Wrestling Debuts: CZW Enters & Who Is Champion?
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LegacyWrestling.com - A new Legacy in wrestling began this past Saturday in Palmyra, Pennsylvania!

In the first round of the Heavyweight Title Tournament:
* AR Fox pinned JT Dunn in an amazing clash, with AR Fox's agility winning out against the technical, but ruthless Dunn.
* Eddie Smooth pinned Joey Janela in a hard hitting display of technical prowess.
* Shane Strickland defeated David Starr by DQ after JT Dunn interfered, only to then beat down Starr and convince General Manager Kevin Murphy to allow himself into Tournament Finals.

In non-tournament action:
* To declare the first Legacy Womens champion, Kimber Lee pinned Hania in a match that displayed the technical and hard hitting edge of both women.
* In a gauntlet match, TJ Mathis beat Officer Hetfield, Axl Ripper, and Masked Madder in three consecutive falls. After the match, CZW owner DJ Hyde entered the ring and hit a lariat on Mathis. Hyde then said Combat Zone Wrestling would make its presence felt and with some of "his" roster at Legacy, this crowd better be prepared for what could happen next.
* In a Falls Count Anywhere match, "The Beast from Budapest" Laszlo Arpad pinned Gran Akuma after battling around the arena.
* Bloodbound Warriors (Greywolf & Red Scorpion) defeated Team CK (Sean Carr & Kage) to become #1 contenders to the Legacy Tag Titles.

In the Heavyweight Title 5-man finals:
* AR Fox beat PJ Black, Shane Strickland, JT Dunn, and Eddie Smooth in an hard-fought, athletic spectacle. After the match General Manager Kevin Murphy came to the ring to crown AR Fox the new Heavyweight champion. However, Murphy clotheslined Fox, then called down Hollywood's Finest (Laszlo Arpad, BooKoo Buck$, & Eddie Smooth) to beat down Fox. Ritchie Nightmare stormed the ring to make the save, but delivered a crushing chairshot to Fox! Hollywood's Finest stood over a beaten AR Fox with their hands raised.

Legacy Wrestling returns August 22, 2015
InTheNet Sports, 798 Airport RD, Palmyra, PA - 5:30 pm

Featuring: Heavyweight champion AR Fox, Womens Champion Kimber Lee, Matt Cross, Hollywood's Finest (Eddie Smooth, Laszlo Arpad, BooKoo Buck$, & Eddie Smooth),"Speedball" Mike Bailey, Buxx Belmar, David Starr, JT Dunn, Red Scorpion, Phil Stamper, & more.

Legacy Wrestling Sponsors:
InTheNet Sports Complex (inthenet.com)
Fox's Pizza Den - Willow Street, PA (bit.ly/foxswillowstreet)
Keeping Time Collectibles (facebook.com/keepingtimecollectibles)
Asylum Sweat Shop (yahoo.com alura.kitko at)
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If interested in becoming a sponsor, a vendor, or with media inquiries, contact legacywrestling.com info at.

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