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wrestlingDB – User Articles | VALKYRIE Womens Returns July 9 to Woodbury Heights, NJ by natestein

VALKYRIE Womens Returns July 9 to Woodbury Heights, NJ Jun 29 - 10:43 pm EDT

Live Report by natestein

VALKYRIE Womens Returns July 9 to Woodbury Heights, NJ
facebook.com/VALKYRIEWomens - twitter.com/VALKYRIEWomens - YouTube: bit.ly/valkyrieyoutube

VALKYRIEWomens.com - Join VALKYRIE Womens Professional Wrestling at the Woodbury Heights Community Center, 741 Helen Avenue in Woodbury Heights, NJ for a special Thursday evening event, July 9 for "VALKYRIE VI: Anniversary Spectacular!" Meet & Greet: 6PM-7PM - Doors Open: 7PM - Bell Time: 8PM

Queen of VALKYRIE Championship fourth defense! Queen of VALKYRIE Kacee Carlisle (6-0) vs. Kimber Lee (2-0)
(The Queen is ready to defend her crown: youtube.com/watch?v=jq3g0jxLxeI)

Texas Bull Rope Match! Davienne (1-3) vs. "Southern Hostility" Lexia Avery (0-2)
(Davienne issues a challenge to Lexia Avery at youtube.com/watch?v=LxBOqJbv1PE, Lexia accepts at youtube.com/watch?v=EFM50628Djc)

Sumie's rematch with Kacee on the line! Sumie Sakai (6-1) vs. "The Baddest Woman on the Planet" Bonesaw Jessie Brooks (4-2) with "The Devil's Son-in-Law" Julius Smokes
(Bonesaw and Smokes elevate their hate at youtube.com/watch?v=BfAaDdNltrY)

First time ever! Boricua Lightning vs. Native Thunder! La Rosa Negra (4-3) with Los Abusadores Internacional (Ejecutivo Jorge Estrella y Secretaria de Defensa Natalie) vs. Renee Michelle (0-1)
(Los Abusadores Internacional send a message at youtube.com/watch?v=ZXZhzuidCI0)

First time ever! Huntress vs. Zealot! Hania the Howling Huntress (2-1) vs. Ashley America (0-2)
(See a Special Report with Ashley America at youtube.com/watch?v=gPKJx-i4IKk)

First time ever! Special challenge match! Angel Dust (0-1) vs. Deonna Purrazzo (1-0)

First time ever! "Top Shelf" Troy Nelson's quest to destroyer the Destroyer! Nyla the Destroyer (2-0) vs. "Superstar" Nikki Addams (1-3) w/ "Diva" Dickie Rodz"Top Shelf"
(Watch Troy Nelson set the match at youtube.com/watch?v=m6nCDp6FvWo)

First time ever! SwagQueen vs. Afropunk!
J Cruz (0-1) vs. Nina Monet (1-0)

VALKYRIE Rising Meet & Greet Exclusive Matches:
First time ever! In their professional in-ring debut! Secretaria de Defensa Natalie (with Los Abusadores Internacional's La Rosa Negra y Ejecutivo Jorge Estrella) vs. Katred the Clockwork Angel

First time ever! Pro Wrestling BAM! showcase match! New England Sensation "All Good" Anthony Greene vs. "Diva" Dickie Rodz with "Superstar" Nikki Addams

Also scheduled to appear: The debuting Savannah Evans (0-0)
*Card subject to change*

Front Row: $20; G.A.: $15; Children 10 & Under Front Row: $15; Children 10 & Under General Admission: $10; Meet & Greet: $10

Our previous events are available On-Demand rental and for purchase, starting at just $4.99 at VALKYRIEWomens.com!

Visit Valkyrie's YouTube for free matches! See our most recent post with Angel Dust vs. Sumie Sakai from VALKYRIE II: Rise of the VALKYRIE 7/19/14 at youtube.com/watch?v=CeDsNgk2H9o

Check out our free podcast, VALKYRIE Confidential and get to know a member of the VALKYRIE roster at valkyriewomens.com/#!valkcast/c1srq


Flyer: bit.ly/valk79

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