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Celebrate a FREE Rockstar Thanksgiving in Dayton Nov 23 - 07:10 pm EST

Live Report by natestein

Celebrate a FREE Rockstar Thanksgiving in Dayton

THIS THURSDAY, after you get your fill of a turkey dinner, get your fill of wrestling action on Thanksgiving night, February 26 at the Rockstar Arena, 1106 E Third ST in Dayton, OH! Bell time 8 pm. FREE ADMISSION!

- Your main event: a tradition Thanksgiving "Survivor"-style, 5-on-5 elimination match
- American Luchacore champion Ron Mathis will defend the title
- OI4K, Inc; Grits and Gravy; Dezmond Xavier; Samantha Heights; and more

This year's event is sponsored by Thrush & Son: Complete Home Improvement.

(Support "Thanksgiving Classic" at facebook.com/events/1555580381329402)

Also see Rockstar live with "Amped" EVERY Wednesday at 7 pm for just $6! This week, on November 25, see "Handi-capped Hero" Gregory Irons vs. "Samazon" Samantha Heights; The Messiahs ("White Trash Messiah" Ron Mathis and "Mid-Card Messiah" Mikael) vs. "Everyone's Homie" Pampano Joe vs. Benjamin Kimera; and more. Also get your line ticket for Thursday's "Thanksgiving Classic".

(Support this week's "Amped" at facebook.com/events/110398835993525)

Then on Friday, December 4, "A Killer XMas":
- Rockstar Pro Heavyweight champion Aaron Williams vs. Dave Crist vs. "The Product" David Starr
- Killer vs. Killer: Jake Crist vs. Eric Ryan
- Nate Wings vs. "Juggernaut" Jeremiah
- In a Dayton Street Fight: "Best of the Best" Alex Colon vs. "Iron Manager" JT Davidson

(Support "A Killer XMas" at facebook.com/events/429675820555432)

Check out Rockstar's last iPPV "November Coming Fire" coming this week on DVD at rockstarprowrestling.com/html/store.html or On-Demand at diywrestling.com/dywvideodetail.php?video_id=680.

Catch up with the action from Rockstar and happenings behind-the-scenes at youtube.com/rockstarprowrestling.

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Facebook.com/RockstarProWrestling - Twitter.com/RockstarProWres - Instagram.com/RockstarProWrestling - YouTube.com/RockstarPro

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