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Rockstar LUDUS This Friday in Dayton Apr 20 - 10:49 am EDT

Live Report by natestein

Rockstar LUDUS This Friday in Dayton

RockstarProWrestling.com - Rockstar is in full swing with two events this weekend and a live iPPV on May 6 at the Rockstar Pro Arena, 1106 E Third ST in Dayton, OH!

Join us for 'Amped' EVERY Wednesday, including this Wednesday's "Tag-Team Wednesday, PLAYA" at 7:30 pm:
- Bro Warriors ("Pecs" Jackson, "Sex" Dinero) vs. The Hooligans (Devin and Mason Cutter)
- 2 Bad Dudes (Pompano Joe, "Juggernaut" Jeremiah) vs. "The Man Without Fear" Kyle Maverick and "The Lost Girl" Samantha Heights
- "Have Mercy" Percy Davis and Ricky Cardinal vs. OI4K's Dave Crist and Rockstar Pro World Heavyweight champion "The Baddest Man Alive" Aaron Williams
- Grits N Gravy (Bruce Grey, Jon Murray) vs. Roscoe Eat Lisa (Mikey Finnigan, Zakk Sawyers)
- All this and more, including Rockstar Pro Tag champions The Foundation (Jake Crist, "White Trash Messiah" Ron Mathis) for just $6!

THEN, Friday at LUDUS at 7:30 pm:
- "Brutal" Bob Evans vs. "True Grit" Bruce Grey (with his partner Jon Murray and manager Jimi Jaymz banned from ringside)
- In an intergender tag, Maverick and Heights take on "The Professor" Victor Faust and Slady Wilson
- Clayton Jackson vs. Trace Matthews w/ Jimi Jaymz
- In a Rockstar Pro Trial, "Red Scorpion" Mark Hazel vs. Wild Man Kong!
- "Sharpshooter" Luke Lawson vs. "Have Mercy" Percy Davis
- Also featuring Trey Miguel, DJ Jay Madewell spinning before the bell and during intermission, beer for those 21+, and more for just $6!

Catch up with the action On-Demand at rockstarpronetwork.com (Get a FREE TRIAL for two weeks).

All this action is building to the annual Gem City Slam iPPV on Friday, May 6 with the Gem City Rumble, Rockstar Pro World champion Aaron Williams vs. Pepper Parks, and more!

facebook.com/RockstarProWrestling - twitter.com/RockstarProWres - instagram.com/rockstarprowrestling

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