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The RAW crew was in London, ON yesterday with CM Punk/Kofi Kingston over Chris Jericho/Dolph Ziggler. The RAW crew was in Buffalo, NY today with CM Punk over Dolph Ziggler. RAW is live from Cleveland, OH tomorrow. The Smackdown crew was in East Lansing, MI yesterday with Daniel Bryan over Big Show and Randy Orton. The Smackdown crew was in Kalamazoo, MI today.

WWE launched a new version of WWE.com. WWE will be bringing back the No Way Out PPV name for July's PPV. WWE posted the sixth episode of Are You Serious? with vehicle troubles, gym workouts, roof battles and more. WWE announced Wrestlemania and future PPVs will be available on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Game Bandits has an article on the motion capture work done for WWE '13 with Angela "Savannah" Fong and David Hart Smith.

Medusa revealed she's been in contact with WWE recently and will probably be in Miami during Wrestlemania. Steve Austin's latest blog entry discusses the birth of his Stone Cold Stunner finishing move. The Hartford Courant has an article on Linda McMahon's campaign's new election strategy to court more women voters with personal meetings. IGN interviewed the Rock about GI Joe 2: Retaliation. The Rock's film Journey 2 earned an estimated $3.6 million this weekend to finish at #9 with a total domestic gross of $90.7 million.

TNA was in Pikeville, KY yesterday with James Storm over Robert Roode. Colors Network posted the latest episode of Ring Ka King.

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