Victory Road, A-Train, Cena, Jericho, Morgan Mar 17 - 11:55 pm EDT

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Victory Road Card

  • No Holds Barred/TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Roode vs. Sting
  • World Tag Team Championship: Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson
  • X Division Championship Match: Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion
  • Knockouts Championship Match: Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne
  • Jeff Hardy v. Kurt Angle
  • AJ Styles/Ken Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels/Kazarian
  • Bully Ray vs. James Storm

WWE was in Montreal, QC last night with CM Punk over Dolph Ziggler. WWE was in Providence, RI today with CM Punk over Dolph Ziggler. WWE is in New York City, NY tomorrow. WWE wrestlers were delayed flying out of Montreal due to fog but managed to leave with enough time to reach Providence for tonight's house show.

WWE reportedly re-signed Matt "Albert/A-Train/Giant Bernard" Bloom as a possible bodyguard figure for John Laurinaitis, but he denied the rumor saying he'll be on New Japan's next tour. WWE's latest Smackdown Backstage Fallout includes the Bella Twins, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston. Santino Marella's latest Foreign Exchange episode features Hornswoggle for St. Patrick's Day. Hacksaw Jim Duggan's autobiography is scheduled for release on April 1.

John Cena is scheduled for Wednesday's episode of The Chew on ABC. Revolver interviewed Chris Jericho about hosting the Golden Gods Awards. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses his visit to FCW, Oklahoma's ban of combat sports, Wrestlemania feuds getting personal and more.

IGN interviewed Matt Morgan about Victory Road, Ring Ka King, his time in WWE and more. TMZ reports that Repo Games' host Josh Lewis will appear for TNA in the near future, possibly in the ring. Ring of Honor is offering a free DVD to new Ringside Membership Annual Subscribers for a limited time.

Inside the Squared Circle interviewed Warrior about his upcoming appearance for PCW Wrestling in Chicago, IL. Oklahoma City, OK's NewsChannel 4 ran a story on Oklahoma's ban on combat sports and the likely outcome. New York's 92Y Tribeca is running a Beat Down: Wrestling in the Movies film series with Gaea Girls, Beyond the Mat and Paradise Alley among the films.

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