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Quick RAW Results: Santino Marella over Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler, Lord Tensai over Alex Riley, Mark Henry over CM Punk via CO, Kofi Kingston over Cody Rhodes, Miz over Zack Ryder,

Friday's Smackdown scored a 1.8 rating. There are dark match results and Superstars spoilers from tonight's RAW in Miami, FL. Smackdown and NXT will be taped in Orlando, FL tomorrow. Brock Lesnar reportedly arrived at RAW moments before he went on stage.

The Miami Herald and CBS Miami covered last night's Wrestlemania and Rock's victory over John Cena. Rock thanked fans following his Wrestlemania victory. John Cena, Sheamus and Layla hosted a pizza party for 40 Make-A-Wish children and families on Saturday. Justin Gabriel suffered an elbow injury during his Wrestlemania match last night, and may be out of the ring for six weeks as a result. Jim Ross commented on his part in the Triple H vs. Undertaker match saying he hoped he added a little bit to it.

TMZ noted Alex Rodriguez and Torrie Wilson at Wrestlemania as well as Rodriguez meeting with various WWE wrestlers. A 24 year-old Louisiana man died while watching Wrestlemania last night after his 14 year-old cousin put him in a chokehold that he didn't release until he'd stopped breathing. There are WWE notes on Wrestlemania production problems, PPV ordering issues, merchandise and more. There are also Wrestlemania notes on Brodus Clay's dancers, Keith David, Maria Menounos and more.

Joey Styles announced included matches for WWE's upcoming ECW Unreleased Volumed 1 DVD and Blu-Ray. WWE posted the latest episode of WWE Download with Dolph Ziggler. THQ announced WWE '12 Wrestlemania Edidtion for hte European market featuring downloadable content.

TNA released house show line-ups for their post-Lockdown tour. Ric Flair was back in Orlando, FL tonight for Impact tapings. TNA released Scott Steiner. Following his release, Scott Steiner criticized TNA's booking while praising Ring Ka King.

There are Dragon Gate USA notes on internet PPV buys, injuries, last minute talent additions and more. There are Ring of Honor notes on technical problems with their internet PPVs, upcoming shows, Bruno Sammartino and more. Florida Championship Wrestling teased major updates soon on Twitter. El Generico will appear for Japan's DDT promotion on May 4 against Kota Ibushi.

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