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Quick RAW Results: CM Punk over Mark Henry, Santino Marella over David Otunga, Kane vs. Zack Ryder didn't happen,

Friday's Smackdown replay scored a 1.5 rating. The Smackdown crew was in Geneva, Switzerland yesterday with Sheamus over Daniel Bryan. Smackdown will be taped in London, England tomorrow, while the RAW crew is in Rome, Italy. There are dark match results and Superstars spoilers from tonight's RAW in London, England. Dragon Gate USA's Pac was backstage at tonight's RAW.

WWE announced Wrestlemania 28 drew 1.3 million PPV buys with total worldwide gross sales of $67 million including the live event. The Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team will hold an anti-bullying night on June 27 with appearances by several WWE wrestlers for their BA Star campaign. The Huffington Post interviewed Daniel Bryan about his vegan diet, his health, his character and more. Brock Lesnar is expected to wear an MMA style outfit in his WWE in-ring return.

Mick Foley's latest blog entry discusses why he doesn't trust Dean Ambrose enough to work with him, although this may also be part of their angle. Zoo interviewed Steve Austin about his new film Recoil, transitioning from wrestling to acting, potentially returning to the ring and more. Edge appeared at Wizard World Comic Con Toronto over the weekend taking part in a panel discussion. MyWestTexas has an article on Bret Hart's visit to Midland, TX and some of his memories of working in the area.

TNA ran an injury angle for Bobby Roode following his Lockdown match last night. The Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair skit during last night's Lockdown PPV reportedly ran longer than planned leading to less time for some matches. Kurt Angle says his knee held up during his Lockdown match last night. Some theater screenings of Lockdown were cancelled last night due to technical issues.

Colors Network posted episode 23 and episode 24 of Ring Ka King. Eric Bischoff is expected to be off TNA television but with a role backstage.

Ring of Honor announced their headline matches for Border Wars on May 12 in Toronto, ON. New Japan Pro Wrestling announced the 18 wrestler roster for their 2012 Best of the Super Juniors tournament running from May 27 - June 10. WrestleReunion released a statement on Bruno Sammartino's final wrestling event appearance outside of the Pittsburgh, PA area for their event last weekend in Toronto, ON. WrestleReunion also announced they're suspending operations and won't be returning to Los Angeles, CA next year.

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