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The RAW crew was in Jacksonville, FL yesterday with John Cena over Big Show. The RAW crew was in Albany, GA today, and tomorrow they're in Dothan, AL. WWE's latest Smackdown Backstage Fallout features Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, Aksana and more.

Sin Cara will be appearing at the NXT taping this Wednesday. Wade Barrett is advertised for this week's tour of Japan. Fozzy's schedule would seem to allow Chris Jericho to participate in Summerslam. WWE surveyed fans about a possible new Saturday morning show.

Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses the Olympics, Summerslam, NXT and more. William Regal posted a blog on what it takes to become a WWE superstar. Great Khali's been released from the hospital and returned to his home in Texas. The latest Santino's Foreign Exchange features RAW 1000 memories.

TNA was in Oklahoma City, OK today, and tomorrow they're in Tulsa, OK. TNA issued a press release on their live Twitter streaming. The Team 3D Academy announced TNA's signing of Gut Check participant Sam Shaw. 4th and Pain interviewed Kazarian about TNA, WWE, NFL and more.

There are spoilers from last night's Ring of Honor TV taping in Baltimore, MD. Tommy Dreamer's latest column for the Kingston Whig-Standard discusses starting House of Hardcore. The Miami Herald interviewed Shawn Michaels about his son, MacMillan River Adventures, social media and more. Jim Powers underwent successful hip replacement on Thursday. Maryse is opening a jewelry business.

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