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The RAW crew was in Dothan, AL today, and RAW is live from San Antonio, TX tomorrow. The latest episode of Are You Serious? features the WCW Fingerpoke of Doom. WWE surveyed fans with possible names for a Saturday morning show. Mick Foley's book A Most Mizerable Christmas is scheduled for release on October 1.

TNA was in Oklahoma City, OK yesterday with Austin Aries over Ken Anderson. TNA was in Tulsa, OK today. Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett were scheduled for tonight's AAA Triplemania XX show in Mexico City, Mexico.

The Crossfire wrestling promotion announced they're expanding to national TV with their first taping on November 3 in Nashville, TN and speculation it'll run on a Paramount owned network. New Japan Pro Wrestling will hold an American tryout with Sacramento Wrestling Federation in Rancho Cordova, CA. Dawn Marie released some videos responding to questions and concerns about the Wrestlers Rescue organization.

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